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Class of 2022 Early Admission Results

A number of highly selective colleges and universities recently released the results of their Early Action (EA), Early Decision (ED), or Single Choice Early Action (SCEA)  admissions processes. Once again,  a surprisingly large number of applicants with excellent test scores and GPA’s were denied admission or deferred to the regular admissions decision pool.

On the positive side, the probability of being accepted was significantly higher in the 2017 early round at many elite schools than in last year’s overall admissions cycle. For example, Harvard admitted 15% of Class of 2022 early applicants versus 5% overall for the Class of 2021. For Princeton, the percentages were 15% versus 7%, and for Yale, 17% versus 6%. Other elite institutions at which the early admission rate typically runs considerably higher than the regular rate include Amherst, Bard, Barnard, Bowdoin, Brown, Claremont-McKenna, Colby, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Pomona, Sewanee, Swarthmore, Tufts, and Williams.

Table A shows the results of the early round of admissions as reported to date for the Class of 2022. Following the Table are notes on the results at several schools.

Table A: Class of 2022 Early Admission Results

Institution (Plan)                  Applicants           Accepted           Percent

Brown (ED) 3,502 738 21% Link
Columbia (ED) 4,085  N/A  N/A Link
Cornell (ED) 6,319 1,533 24%
Dartmouth (ED) 2,270 565 25% Link
Duke (ED) 4,090 875 21% Link
Harvard (SCEA) 6,630 964 15% Link
Johns Hopkins (ED) 2,037 610 30% Link
Middlebury (ED1) 650 326 50% Link
MIT (EA) 9,557 664 7% Link
Northwestern (ED) 4,058 1,072 26% Link
Princeton (SCEA) 5,402 799 15% Link
Rice (ED) 1,912 371 19% Link
Georgia (EA) 15,000 8,000 53% Link
Notre Dame (REA) 6,598 1,636 25% Link
University of Pennsylvania (ED) 7,074 1,312 19% Link
Yale (SCEA) 5,733 843 15% Link

Harvard was the first of the Ivy League  schools to release its early admissions data. Of the 6,630 students who applied for early admission this year, 964 (15%) were accepted, 4,882 students were deferred to the regular applicant pool and 611 students were rejected, representing 74% and 9% of the early applicant pool, respectively.

Yale received a record 5,733 SCEA applications this year for the class of 2022. Of these, 842 were admitted, a rate of 15%. This compares to a rate of 17% for the Yale Class of 2021, making Yale one of two Ivies to see a decline from last year to this year. The percentage was 17% for the Class of 2020 and 16% for the Class of 2019. This year’s rate was the lowest since 14% result for the Class of 2014.

MIT, as in recent years, was the least accommodating among the most elite institutions regarding early admission applications. This year, 9,557 students applied for early admission but only 664 were accepted (7%). 6,210 applicants were deferred and 2,498 rejected.

University of Pennsylvania admitted 19% of its early applicants for the Class of 2022. 7,074 students applied and 1,312 were accepted (19%) in the early round. This was the lowest early admission rate for Penn in the past decade.

Brown University accepted 738 early decision applicants out of a pool of 3,502 applicants. The school accepted students from 33 countries and 43 U.S. states. The top countries represented are China, UK, India, South Korea, and Turkey.

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