Transfer students are an integral part of the client base at IvySelect. We are approached by and, ultimately, take on students who are looking to change schools at the university level for a number of reasons.

IvySelect Helps Students Transfer From Schools That Are Bad Fits

Students often wish to transfer due to their unhappiness at their current college. Some feel that the general environment is a bad fit. (If they had worked with IvySelect at the high-school level, this problem would have been avoided!) Class sizes may be enormous, or a school may be “too small and isolated.” Lack of accessibility of faculty or teaching assistants may be at issue. The “wrong” campus culture often is raised as a problem. A student from a very different geographic region may find their college environment to be inhospitable. The weather may be “too cold” or “too hot and humid.”

Regardless of the reason, an attempted transfer based on “negative” information may serve as an impediment to admission to a new school. IvySelect helps you walk that fine line between “complaining” and making a cogent and compelling case for transfer. By developing an overarching strategy and assisting you in implementing it in essays, we can help you put a positive spin on your reasons for transfer.

We Work With Students Seeking A More Rigorous Academic Environment

There is yet another class of transfer student that comes seeking guidance from IvySelect. Given our background as a firm specializing in helping students gearing for admission to the Ivies and other top schools, this is unsurprising.

Students looking to “move up” work with us because they wish to transfer to a college from which they were previously rejected, or which offers a more challenging and dynamic educational experience.

Here, too, IvySelect offers invaluable guidance. If the inference to be drawn from your file is that you are simply trying to change schools because you want to go to a “higher ranked” or more prestigious school, your application for transfer will almost certainly be denied. We will work with you to make a compelling case as to why your current school does not meet your academic needs and how the transfer college is a much better fit.

We Assist Transfer Students Looking For Specific Programs

Finally, transfer students often work with us because they are seeking specific programs not offered at their current college, or the opportunities for their program of interest is greater at other schools. This rationale offers the most compelling reason for transfer. However, articulately making your case is imperative. IvySelect has assisted many transfer students do just that.

IvySelect’s Custom-Tailored Approach Designed Just For You

Whether your profile fits one of the above scenarios, or is a combination of them, attempting to transfer to your dream college at the undergraduate level is more difficult than going through the process as a 12th grade high school student. Your coursework is more difficult. The responsibilities you face are amplified. Additionally, very often, the admit rates for transfer students at a particular college are significantly lower than rates for high school seniors.

Ivy consulting will help you formulate a custom-tailored approach to fit your needs. Some students only look to transfer to a few schools. Others, determined to leave their existing college, may want to apply to a full-range of schools. Through strategic guidance and expert essay assistance, you can be sure that by working with IvySelect, your competitive stature will be maximized.

IvySelect offers the following services to meet the specific needs of transfer students:

  • Evaluation of your college & high school records
  • Analysis of your academic & extracurricular background
  • Counseling regarding the transfer process at your current university
  • Advice on whether to retake standardized tests
  • Guidance on your college transfer list
  • Application help
  • Advisement on letters of recommendation
  • Interview assistance
  • In-depth essay help
  • Strategic guidance: enhancing your strengths, minimizing your weaknesses