It’s taken awhile for me to come back down to Earth from cloud nine (sometimes, I think I might still be up there!), but I’m honored to be writing a review for Michael. Throughout my junior and senior year, his guidance and support have been indispensable: whether it’s his incredible patience and thorough responses to the numerous questions I had regarding the most microscopic aspects of the college application process, or his honest and clear-cut advice to help shape and refine my essays, Michael has made what could have been a very rocky chapter of my life into an enjoyable, stress-free journey. While I was concerned about the lack of major awards in my student profile, he helped me to focus in on my niche interests and activities, as well as build an organic “spike” in my background that helped me recognize what I was truly passionate about; it goes without saying that Michael also helped me frame my essays around that area.

When it was time to double down on a college list, Michael was very candid about what types of schools and programs I would fit best with, but he also strongly encouraged me to do my own research and discuss my favorite schools with him; in the end, we narrowed it down to 12 schools I was genuinely excited about attending. It was such an asset for me to have Michael in terms of navigating the Common App, setting schedules and pacing essay-writing, as I was finished with all my applications weeks before their respective deadlines! Productive Skype sessions with him allowed us to dive into the essence of each essay in a natural manner, and as a skilled writer myself, I could definitely see that Michael’s experience shone through in the essay-writing and editing process. He not only recognized my own strengths in essay-writing, but he also capitalized on those skills and treated my writing with the high expectations, efficiency and respect of a true professional, resulting in a whole portfolio of essays I could be proud to share with admissions officers.

Unequivocally, I can say that Michael cares deeply about his students. Technical parts of the college application/admissions process aside, he offered me substantial emotional support and was there to listen to every one of my concerns. After submitting my early applications, Michael helped me to put all the possibilities for my future into perspective, and I’ve been so touched and grateful for the enthusiasm and drive he’s demonstrated in wanting me to do well. Ultimately, I was accepted into Harvard University (my first-choice school) under the Early Action program. I’ve officially committed to attending Harvard next fall, and I would just like to say: thank you, Michael!

Michael’s guidance and assistance in the college admissions process proved invaluable to me. While I felt like I already had the necessary qualifications for admission to top schools (like many others who are reading this), Michael helped me crystallize my academic and extracurricular portfolios in order to make me a more visible and unique applicant in the eyes of admissions officers. He steered me in the right direction by encouraging me to develop an organic focus that was conducive to my career goals, and was there to provide insightful and honest feedback every step of the way. Michael did not lie or sugarcoat his advice, which led me to trust his judgment. Michael is also AMAZING when it comes to essays; he’s extremely well-read and well-spoken, so he knows the ingredients for powerful rhetoric, and his insistence on providing feedback through Skype (as opposed to written comments via email) proved extremely effective. I was truly able to have a natural conversation with him when it came to my essays and my incessant questions about my applications, which he never failed to answer in a timely and thorough manner. Because of Michael’s help with crystallizing my portfolio and polishing my essays, I was accepted into Harvard early. I am so thankful for Michael’s guidance and support, and am even more thankful to him for making the admissions process 100% stress-free for my family and me. While my friends are currently rushing to meet deadlines, I have secured admission to my first-choice university and have essays ready to go for 11 other schools – all thanks to Michael. I am so grateful!

Here is the status of all of the schools I applied to:

Brown (accepted)
Cornell (accepted, $1000 scholarship + research grant funding per year)
Duke (accepted, potential AB Scholar)
Emory (accepted)
JHU (accepted, Hodson Trust Scholarship)
Stanford (accepted)
UChicago (waitlisted)
UO (accepted)
UPenn (accepted, Vagelos Scholars Program)
URochester (accepted, RIG)
USC (accepted, full tuition)
WUSTL (accepted, potential Moog Scholar)
Yale (accepted)

I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me for the last 2-3 years. When my mom first approached me regarding the topic of a college counselor sophomore year, I really doubted how effective it would be. I have to say that I am so glad to have listened to her and to have met you. Going into this year, I really didn’t think I had a shot at most of the schools I got into. It was through working with you on the essays and the applications that I really felt like I was putting my unique self on paper and that perhaps I had a shot. I loved working with you when I got stuck and really enjoyed learning a lot through the process. If I were to do it all over again, the only change I would make would have been to start working with you earlier!

During my entire college process, Mr. Michael Goran was one of the most supportive, encouraging, and insightful people I had ever met. In the beginning, I was a bit lost and confused: I didn’t know what I wanted from a college, I wasn’t exactly sure if a certain college was a great fit, and I didn’t know where to start! With Mr. Goran’s help however, I was able to successfully navigate through this complex process. With a college list of around a dozen or so schools, Mr. Goran helped me tackle each and every college supplement, and he also provided extensive support for college interviews. He helped me find my academic niche, which I believe played a significant role in the entire process. In the beginning of senior year, I was a bit discouraged by this whole college process: I didn’t have rows of A’s and A+’s on my transcript, I didn’t have great SAT/ACT/SATII scores, and I didn’t have a myriad of academic awards or other prestigious prizes. Regardless of this though, Mr. Goran helped me effectively communicate my academic passions and various extracurriculars/research interests in my essays and other aspects of my application. It is with his incredible help and support that I was able to land offers at the University of Chicago (my top choice! So excited to be a member of the Class of 2020!), Georgetown University, University of Southern California, etc. Once again, thank you so much! I am so happy that I will be attending my top choice, the University of Chicago, in the fall. Thank you, Mr. Goran!

As parents of an ambitious, smart, overachiever we were looking for someone to guide us through the college application process and to assist our daughter in standing out among other very accomplished applicants. Michael was highly recommended to us by a current Harvard student that he assisted. Michael is very knowledgeable about college admissions, testing, current trends and statistics. He was especially helpful in candidly critiquing our daughter’s essays. They worked well together and she looked forward to her weekly sessions with him. His expertise was invaluable regarding universities that were best suited for our daughter. Michael was available to provide guidance regarding college tours, specialized tutoring, test prep and interviews. We were thrilled when our daughter was accepted to a number of distinguished schools. She will be attending Cornell University in the fall and we are beyond grateful to Michael for his exceptional guidance and skilled knowledge of the process.

The college admissions process is daunting and uncomfortable; in the beginning, it feels like a foggy labyrinth filled with uncertainties and questions. Michael Goran’s exemplary guidance served as an almost necessary beacon and guide for me, and I owe so much to his mentorship and advice. The one-on-one sessions spent laboring over each and every word of each application essay are well worth it, and Michael never settles for anything less than perfection. This coming fall, I am headed to my dream school, and I can say that, without a doubt, I owe my admission to Michael and his expertise. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to greatly improve your chances of getting admitted to your dream college – Michael is well worth the time and the price.

I wanted to thank you so much again for being such a great source of guidance and support throughout this process — I appreciate it so very much, I wouldn’t have felt so supported or inspired by anyone else. I know you put a tremendous amount of effort in helping me with my applications, and as glad as I am to be totally done with this process, I am so grateful for all your time and effort. You’ve truly made a mark on my life, and the students who get to work with you are the luckiest students ever, in my opinion 🙂

I would highly recommend IvySelect College Counseling! Mr. Goran really helped me fine-tune my essays and my application so that I could submit the best possible materials to colleges. Whenever I would show him an essay that I was fairly satisfied with, he would give me critical input that would take it to the next level while keeping the heart of my idea intact. He also helped me narrow down my college choices and find a good balance of safety, target, and reach schools to which to apply. Thanks to his help, I got into Duke and will be attending next year!! It was not only my top choice, but also a school I was not expecting to be accepted to. My family loved IvySelect’s program and my younger brothers will be doing it when they begin their college process!

Mr. Goran was extremely helpful in guiding me through the whole application process and helping me present myself as well as I could in my essays. Thanks to his constant feedback and advice, I’m now going to my dream school, and also Mr. Goran’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. I couldn’t be more excited and more grateful for his help. Mr. Goran’s approach works phenomenally and I know it made a very tangible difference for me.

This Fall I will be starting my first semester’s study at Yale; once a dream that has now turned into reality. As an international student, the application process initially seemed daunting and overwhelming. However, Michael’s comprehensive knowledge of the American college system and his superb ability to connect it with my own school system, enabled me to put together an application that was ultimately successful not only at Yale, but also at other universities: Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown, to name a few. Thanks to Michael’s unwavering support, guidance, and invaluable insider information, I now am eagerly anticipating my commencement at Yale.

I cannot praise Michael enough for his guidance, friendship, and enthusiasm throughout my college application process. Michael not only helped me identify excellent topics to write my essays on, but custom designed a comprehensive game plan for me that included how to spend my summer effectively pursuing my interests, and a detailed schedule of completing the necessary tasks that lay ahead. Thanks to Michael, I never felt any anxiety throughout the process, and was finished with all my applications a few weeks before the deadline. Having had many years of experience in advising students, Michael is very knowledgeable about the various programs schools offer, and what the admissions officers look for in an applicant. I also appreciated his straight forward, “tell it how it is” approach. I thank Michael for helping me earn early action acceptance to my top-choice school.

IvySelect offers a service that is simply unavailable anywhere else, especially to students at large public schools where counselors often manage several hundred students at a time. For those of us that don’t attend Philips Exeter Academy, we can still get the same personalized attention and individual counseling that will set us apart in the very unpredictable admissions process. IvySelect is not a guarantee of Harvard, but they will help refine and present your application in a way that is still uniquely you, but also the best of you.

Dear Michael,
After waiting on pins and needles for decision letters to arrive in the past few months, it was finally over with a big triumph.

Being accepted by so many great schools, Steve had every right to feel like a rock star yesterday. Needless to say, I am the proudest mom ever….. While I am still beyond myself right now, I know there is something I need to do first — to write you this note.

Words couldn’t begin to describe the gratitude Steve and I owe you. This result he never could have achieved without the professional and invaluable guidance that you offered. Thank you from bottom of my heart for everything you have done for Steve.

I think I need to give myself a pat on shoulder too for finding and trusting you for helping Steve with his college process.

Best regards,

Lilly ~~~~
( on cloud nine )

I’ll bet you thought applying to colleges is hard. Well, it is. But if you’re applying to BS/MD programs, you can basically kiss your life goodbye for six months. All the applications (especially the essays) were giving me nightmares — I never thought I’d be able to find a college counselor who could cater to my specific needs. Thank God I found IvySelect . Michael and I started working right away: after he helped me crank out my EA Caltech application, we worked like crazy toward the December 1 and January 1 deadlines. Michael gave me invaluable advice on how to write great essays and even gave me tips on how to excel during the interview process.

Thanks to IvySelect , I was offered admission to undergraduate and BS/MD programs that I thought were way above my league — BS/MD programs at Ivy Leagues and tier 1 medical schools. IvySelect gave me the confidence I needed to apply to these super-competitive programs!!!

As a university professor and associate dean, I wasn’t sure how much help my daughter would really need with her college applications. She was at the top of her class in a public high school, excelled at several extracurricular activities, and was a very good (essay) writer. In addition, I thought that with my academic background, I would be easily able to provide her any guidance she needed. However, after much thought, we decided to seek Michael Goran’s help – if only to have him serve as a sounding board for her college essays. While, in all honesty, we went in as skeptics about the usefulness of the college counseling process, we were very pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out to be. Michael was wonderful; he would touch base with her every week and go meticulously over every essay she had sent him for his comments. She found his comments and discussion extremely helpful; she is convinced that Michael’s input really sharpened the focus of her essays and made them much more compelling. In the end, even we were surprised at how well my daughter did – she got into nearly 90% of the 15-16 colleges she applied to, and the list included a half dozen Ivy League colleges. Michael’s contribution to my daughter’s success in college applications was invaluable.

The few months leading up to the college application deadlines were absolutely crazy. There were so many essays left and right. Michael was there with me through the entire process. I’m so glad that he was there to help me keep on schedule. Without him I couldn’t have kept everything so organized! He was always there to answer questions (even when he was on vacation!) and walk me through every decision. Michael helped me put together an application that truly reflected who I really was. I’m so glad I got into my dream school. I definitely made the right choice in choosing IvySelect as my college consultant and I would recommend working with him to anyone.

For me, the college application process was frustrating and complex. Each college seemed to have a selection of arbitrary rules designed to make would-be applicants pull their hair out. Knowing that the stakes could not be higher, I decided to enlist the help of IvySelect College Consulting. Immediately, Michael was able to lay out a simple, intuitive plan that would enable me to present the best possible application to top-tier colleges such as Cornell, Brown, Amherst, Princeton, and more. Crucially, he was able to offer insights and advice during the difficult essay-writing process. IvySelect made possible my ED acceptance to Cornell University. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more pleased.

i opened. and then it said CONGRATS

It’s no secret that students with perfect transcripts, near-perfect standardized test scores, and stellar extracurriculars get rejected from top universities. I knew this going into the college application process, and I was scared. I didn’t have the perfect transcript (a total of 4 B’s and a C going into my senior year), I didn’t have the most amazing SAT score, and my extracurriculars were respectable at best.

Right after the start of second semester junior year, I began working with Michael. We planned out how I was going to spend my summer in a way that would not only be beneficial for my academic growth, but also advantageous to my application. From August until mid-December of my senior year, we met virtually every week. Michael drastically elevated my essays and meticulously edited every draft, but never actually did any of the work for me. He kept me on top of deadlines and always knew how to keep my parents calm. I can promise that you won’t find a more personable and thoughtful college counselor anywhere. If you have a question and can’t wait until the next meeting time to get an answer, shoot him an email or call him, and he’ll give you a detailed response faster than you’d believe (don’t take advantage of him though!).

I never imagined that Michael would have such a large impact on my future, but I can honestly say that I would not be attending Johns Hopkins if it weren’t for him. I’ll forever be grateful to Michael for helping me gain admission into the college of my dreams.

After what felt like an eternity, I finally received the letter saying that I had been admitted to Cornell University. At that moment, all the tough times and the effort that Michael and I put forth seemed worth it. As an international student from China seeking a more elite and intellectually challenging academic environment, I was sure of my decision to transfer from a large public university. Yet, my path was rocky. I reworked my application essays multiple times, but they still lacked power and passion. At the same time, I felt overwhelmed by finals and papers from my current university. I was under pressure and frustrated. I could feel my dream school drifting further and further away. This feeling was so strong that I even lost control and cried right in front of Michael. However, Michael helped restore me with his patience and rebuilt my confidence through his rich experience. Most importantly, he also helped me find the best way to let my essays “speak for me.” Yes, my essays “talked.” I can’t find the words to describe my appreciation to him for not only making my dream come true, but also influencing me with his consideration and kindness. Thank you, Michael. I wish you all the best.

Thank you so much for all your help. Your exceptional understanding of the admission process really helped my daughter to get into UPenn/Wharton’s highly competitive dual degree Management & Technology program. It is not always about one’s talent/abilities; but communicating the same effectively is the key. You really helped my daughter communicate her strengths very effectively. Thank you for being part of this amazing journey. Dreams do come true!

The college process is this chaotic time of deadlines where fantastic grades, amazing scores, and great extracurriculars are often not enough. Typically, with these elite colleges, the presentation is just as important as the substance. From the start, Michael had a plan and with his thorough understanding of college admissions, he guided me with major elements such as essays to many minor factors that I would not have even considered.

Michael offered something that no other group or individual could offer: the perfect mix of intelligence and zealous passion. He truly got to know me and he never stopped working. I know—without the smallest doubt—that if I did not have his help, college decisions day would not have been nearly as joyous. At the end of the day, Michael got things done.

Hello Michael,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you. I know that your help and guidance has truly changed the course of my son’s life. He is now on track to Emory and will continue his pursuit in life. You really cared for Adam and did not mind contributing additional time and help when needed. You provided him valued support and excellent guidance. Thank you for all your help. The help you gave us is very much appreciated.

With sincere gratitude


The work I did with Michael changed my life. If it weren’t for Michael, my chances of getting into Wharton would have been hazardously slim. I began working with him late spring of my junior year and, oh-boy, did he open my eyes to the fierce competition. Although I had excellent grades, thrived in many extra-curricular activities, and engaged in many hours of community-service, Michael gave me the bad news that there are kids all around America doing the same thing-plus more. Yet, he also gave me the good news that there was hope.

Michael helped me develop strategies that highlighted my strengths and unique characteristics that top schools look for. What I really liked about the whole program was that Michael exploited the months before applications were due to perfect my essays and applications. He guided me in making a timetable of the deadlines for all my prospective colleges and made sure that I adhered to those deadlines. It all paid off when I received my Early Decision acceptance letter to Wharton. Thanks Michael!

Thank you soooo much. You helped me get through the whole process in such an organised manner that it seemed easier than I thought it would be. You helped me create an amazing resume, which gave my application an extra boost. This has been a very long process and I couldn’t have done it as well without you. Thank you once again.

My husband and I are very dedicated to our only child, Mark. When we started looking into the college selection process we had no experience with the college application system and quickly realized that it was very difficult to know what each college was looking for. This was especially true when applying to colleges that were in another area of the country.

Mark was first in his class academically throughout his high school career. It seemed like it should be easy to go from a great high school to an even greater college. We realized how important this was to make the right decision for his final education before joining the workforce with a lifetime career.

When we found Mr. Goran’s website and decided to hire him, little did we know that it would become the best decision we could have made for Mark’s future plan. Mr. Goran’s passion for the individual and working knowledge of the application process make the plan a reality. He tailored his approach to Mark’s specific needs, wishes and personality, rather than handing out a “pre-packaged” plan. The best part was that Mr. Goran could not have been more on target. He understood that Mark needed weekly communication and set clear goals to keep him on task. This took away the pressure of having to be a nagging parent in order to get things done. As parents, we are grateful that Mr. Goran could be here for Mark and help him to make all the right choices.

Mark was accepted by Cornell University, with the Dean’s Scholarship. We could not have been happier! We strongly recommend that all parents look into Mr. Goran’s college preparation program and start early with your child’s college plan.

I’m just going to put it bluntly: Michael singlehandedly saved me from making one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

When you begin to work with Michael, he doesn’t simply get to know you by what you’ve accomplished and what test scores you’ve received. Michael truly gets to know you as a person. When I began working with him, I prattled on mindlessly about becoming a doctor and attending a 6-year medical program. However, Michael seemed to know that it wasn’t the right path for me. Michael was the one who brought Penn to my attention, who convinced me to apply, and who suggested that I keep my options open in case I change my mind about locking myself into a rigorous medical school at a mediocre college. To make a long story short, I had an enlightening, choir-of-angels-singing moment when I realized that maybe Michael knew me better than I knew myself, and maybe medicine wasn’t for me. I’m not saying this to scare anyone into thinking that Michael will make you doubt everything that you’ve ever dreamt for yourself. But, in my case, I looked at my future through naïve eyes and needed his fresh outlook. The process that each student goes through with Michael not only got me into an incredible university that seems to fit me flawlessly, but it made me reevaluate and realize who I am as a person and what I want in my life. That understanding of myself, to me, is worth just as much, if not more, as my Penn acceptance letter. My family and I agree that IvySelect was the best investment we’ve ever made and I cannot stress that enough. It’s an investment in your future. We cannot wait until my younger brother begins working with Michael. Thanks for everything!!

Our son decided he wanted to study in the United States. We commenced a successful relationship with Michael Goran of IvySelect who navigated us through the complex and bewildering process to apply for entry to Colleges in the United States. It is a system alien to the one we are used to here in Australia. The US system requires a candidate to paint a holistic picture of themselves as a person through a limited number of words. Selection is not based solely on marks or grades but rather across a range of areas both inside and outside the classroom and school. We did not know what the universities were looking for. We did not know where to start. Your application is like a canvas where every word has a spot to create this image, this picture. Michael helps you think through how you will do this and how to best showcase your strengths and your personality. Michael managed the translation of our educational system to the requirements of the United States.

Our son was offered a spot at Johns Hopkins. We were so delighted with the outcome that two years later we came back to Michael with our daughter who has accepted a spot at Yale. Our children would not have received either of those offers had we not had Michael on our team. As an international family, we strongly endorse Michael’s services.

Dear Michael,

There are no words that will adequately express our gratitude. Your expertise and kind approach with Elyse made the college application process a wonderful experience. WE WILL MISS YOU!

Much Love Always!

Before working with Michael Goran, I was completely overwhelmed by the prospect of college applications and the unpredictability of the whole process. There were so many supplement essays to write, so many interviews to schedule, and so many application deadlines to meet. But Michael immediately dispelled all of my worries pertaining to college with his individualized counseling. He helped me finalize my college list, prepare for interviews, and assemble a holistic application that showcased who I am. In addition, his specific comments on my essays were so helpful in polishing my writing and advising me on how to write more fluidly while keeping my essays true to myself. If something could be improved, Michael did not hesitate to point it out so that my applications and supplements would be as flawless as possible. Michael always kept me on track, and with his help, I was able to finish almost all of my Regular Decision applications and supplements even before I received my Early Decision acceptance to Brown University. I don’t know how I would have survived this grueling college application process without IvySelect!

I’m extremely excited and grateful for all your help. Your guidance set me on the right path and helped me make lots of extracurricular and course decisions that were crucial to my success.

In the end, I got to choose between Penn, Columbia, Cornell and UC Berkeley on a Regent’s and Chancellor’s scholarship. I was honored to have these to choose from, and I wanted you to know that you were hugely influential.

Just thought I’d write to let you know that Duke has been one of the best experiences of my life and just want to thank you again for all your help. Hope to hear from you soon!

If I had to rank the top three most time-consuming activities of my high school senior year, they would be stress snacking, doing homework, and filling out college apps. And NOT in that order. Choosing where to apply to college and deciding which of the many awesome parts of you to share with these schools can be one of the most nerve-racking things a teenager ever does. Of course, it helps to have help.

During the summer before senior year, all I heard from my recently graduated friends was, “Don’t procrastinate. Get it done early, or you will regret it.” I desperately wanted to follow their advice…but I was lost every time I tried to start. Then, I met Michael.

From our first telephone conversation, I knew that Michael was compatible for me. I was struck by his fathomless store of knowledge about the application process. He had a bottomless Mary Poppins carpetbag full of ways to extricate the best recommendation letter, make your resume concise yet commanding, and best of all, strategies (mostly involving expert planning) to save you TIME. That glorious thing, time.

The beginning was rough, as any beginning will be. But as we continued to work, the process got easier and easier, until by the end I was flying through applications. I am deeply grateful to Michael for all he has done, and I truly mean it when I say that he is worth every penny and minute spent with him.

As senior year began I was quite bogged down by the amount of tasks I had to complete for the college admission process. As the weeks passed, I had done nothing and the college admission process still loomed large. When my parents introduced me to Mike, he made sure I completed everything on time. As an avid follower of procrastination, I do not think I would have even completed my applications if not for Mike. Furthermore, he made sure that my essays were perfect. He did not allow any draft to go without being edited until it was a compelling essay worthy of a top tier school. As a rising freshman in Washington University in St. Louis, I cannot thank Mike enough for doing his best to make sure I got into such a great school. I will never forget you! You’re the man, Mike!

Thank you very much for your note – we are very happy for Scott. He loved Cornell when he visited the campus and wanted to go there. So it’s great it worked out just fine!

I must say that it would not have possible without your guidance and mentoring. He really enjoyed the sessions he had with you and you were a big influence in his decisions. The last few months of the college process can be crazy for anyone but Scott was very calm, composed and confident because of you. My wife and I felt very comfortable and confident that he was in great hands. You not only helped bring out the best from him and helped him get into Cornell, but also prepared him well for life ahead. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for your guidance and we will remain lifelong friends.

I started working with Michael the summer before senior year. I regret not having met with Michael earlier to create a more targeted approach to my academic pursuits over the first three years of high school. He had some great ideas on what I could have done! However, Michael instantly highlighted my strong points and came up with a strategy to best present my resume to the colleges. It was such a relief to have weekly meetings to discuss and edit my essays. Michael’s ideas for the essays were focused and insightful. The meetings kept me on track and I had applications for 12 schools completed before December 1. I was thrilled to be accepted ED to Haverford and feel that Michael was instrumental in helping me achieve this!

I sincerely appreciate Mr. Goran’s precious efforts in helping me overcome all the challenges I faced throughout the application process. As a Chinese student, I was particularly struggling to use the most appropriate language and vocabulary when writing essays. Mr. Goran’s strategic advice on my essays played a significant role in my admission result. I probably could not have gotten accepted Early Decision to Duke without his professional guidance. My gratitude is beyond words.

I would just like to thank you so much for your help during the college process; I was admitted by Cornell, Wash U, Tufts, Bucknell, Carnegie Mellon, U Mich, Lehigh, and Purdue. Thank you so much for your endless edits and words of advice. I have chosen to go to Cornell next year!

I am a happy parent from Jakarta, Indonesia who has just been notified that my daughter has been accepted by her ED school, Vassar College. Michael is a very reputable and knowledgeable college consultant. I feel that I chose the right and best consultant for my daughter. He has helped my daughter go through a complicated US college application process and make her become competitive to get accepted. He offered great advice about the best-suited college for my daughter based on her preference as well as her best possibility for the admittance. My daughter also got so much help from Michael when she wrote her college essay. Last but not least let me express my sincere gratitude for your support, effort and advise to my daughter.

I wish you a very great success ahead.
I will be happy to tell my experience with you to my friends and acquaintances.

Thanks so much for helping us and especially my son. Appreciate all the guidance and patience through the process. Could not have done it without you. You made it so informational and easy that i just had to check in with him like once a week with my travel and everything. Again, thanks.

I will definitely pass on your information to my friends, etc. as well.

​Please keep in touch!

Thanks to Michael’s knowledge and expertise of the college process he assisted me in perfecting my essays and portraying myself well to colleges. I am so grateful for the time and effort he put into helping me achieve my dreams. With his guidance, I was accepted to several highly selective universities and am so excited to be attending Cornell University in the fall.

The college application process was by no means easy, which is why I feel so grateful to have had Michael’s guidance throughout it all. Right from the very first session, Michael had already formulated a comprehensive plan that included how I could turn my passions into standout projects, and even advised me on possible college essay topics. Michael’s approach proved to be very effective and always made me feel one step ahead.

I cannot thank Michael enough for the help and time he has dedicated to me. I am so fortunate to be attending Northwestern this fall, an opportunity that may have not been possible without Michael’s expertise.

Thank you!

The college process can be – and mostly is – very stressful for the kids and the parents. With so many factors to consider – what schools to target, whether/where to apply early decision/action, selection of essay topic and dealing with the supplements etc. – it is important to have good guidance throughout the process.

Michael has lots of experience in guiding kids and parents through this process. Our daughter established a good cadence with Michael and they were able to work regularly and diligently on the applications. They established a plan and stuck to it by having weekly meetings and making steady progress. Michael’s guidance was key for our daughter (and us!) to stay relatively calm through the process and we ended up with an early acceptance into her top choice – Duke! She was very happy and Michael’s support and counseling was key during the whole process.

Attending an Ivy League school was a dream that has now come fruition – and this lifelong wish would not have been made possible without the help of IvySelect. I truly believe that the application gamble worked in my favor because Michael Goran helped me identify my standout characteristics and develop them in essays that truly captured my voice. Although the stress associated with applying to college is inescapable, IvySelect provides the highest degree of support to help every student feel confident entering the admissions arena. The application process is undoubtedly a high-stakes affair, however, choosing IvySelect is the best bet to make high hopes into reality.

Before working with Michael, anytime I thought about the college application process I was filled with questions and anxiety. Fortunately, I started working with him in the middle of my junior year, and it was obvious right away that he knew what he was doing. With his help, I spent the summer before my senior year at a research lab in the University of Chicago. This experience was vital to my decision to go pre-med, and it would not have been possible without him.

As for college applications, Michael’s help was truly invaluable. We started in the beginning of August and met every single week until I got my ED acceptance letter. Michael always found a way to improve my writing, even if it was as simple as changing one word. Anytime I had a question, he had an answer, and he helped me showcase the best version of myself.

Before Michael, I had barely considered applying to Johns Hopkins, casting it off as unrealistic. Now, I am beyond ecstatic to begin my future there. Thank you, Michael, for helping me with what has undoubtedly been the longest and most grueling process I have been through. You took away a lot of the stress and always kept me right on track. I am so grateful for all of your help and I can’t imagine going through this process without you.


Columbia University
Duke University
Pomona College

  • Regent’s Scholar

UC Berkeley
Claremont McKenna College
Babson College

  • Finalist for Weissman Scholarship/Presidential Scholarship

University of Virginia

  • Echols Scholar

University of Michigan

  • Rogel Award of Excellence Scholarship
  • Preferred Ross BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration)


  • World Bachelor’s in Business program
  • Half- or full-tuition merit scholarship

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to thank you for everything you did; all those webcams with you definitely paid off!

I say a huge thank you for your assistance. Your unbridled support and honesty through out the admission procession was simply priceless. We couldn’t have navigated this process without you.

Thank you very much.

Kent will be attending Cornell this fall and we are very happy.

I wish you well always.

The sweep of Michael’s knowledge and familiarity with Colleges far and wide was incredibly reassuring as our daughter embarked on the journey of finding and getting into the right school for her. It doesn’t matter how much writing someone has done, when it comes to the college essay, it is unbelievably helpful to have the guidance of someone who knows exactly what the admissions folks are looking for. Worth every nickel!