IvySelect Offers A Unique Blend of Legal & Educational Consulting Experience

IvySelect’s range of specialized services includes first-rate help with the law school admissions process. This is in part due to the unique educational and professional background of our Director, who has been both a practicing attorney and an ivy league consultant.

Mr. Goran offers you a real-world perspective on what it’s like to attend law school, studying for and passing the bar, and life as a lawyer. His deep understanding and experience with the law school admissions process will also serve you well.

He will provide you with detailed assistance, covering school selection, the law school application, the personal statement and essays, obtaining LORs (letters of recommendation), resume guidance, interview preparation and more.

We Help You Make Your Case

Law schools want to see why you want to be a lawyer. Given the cost of law school, the time commitment and the loss of earnings while at law school, your decision to become an attorney should not be entered into lightly. Admissions officers want to know where your motivation to become a lawyer came from, what practical experience you may have and what areas of practice interest you.

We will help you craft a compelling personal statement along with other essays that demonstrate your passion for becoming a lawyer. Through the development of a strategic plan, we will find an appropriate theme that bolsters you profile. We will help you market yourself so that you stand out from the competition. We will advise you on how to ameliorate your weaknesses and emphasize your strengths.

For the applicant who has worked after college and before entering law school, your work experience can be a very valuable piece of the process. We will explore how to best discuss the wanted change of career, how your employment history may tie into pursuing a law degree, how success and growing responsibility in your job can be emphasized and other factors that can add value to your application,

Each piece of your application will be approached from an overarching strategy. We will discuss whom to approach for letters of recommendation. Should you use employer recommendations? Does a particular individual help support your positioning strategy? Who can best speak to your potential for professional success? Guidance on this key ingredient of the admissions process is crucial.

Whether you need assistance with one piece of the law school admissions process, or many aspects, we are here to help.

Our Services Include:

  • Evaluation of your college & high school records
  • Analysis of your academic & extracurricular background
  • LSAT testing counseling
  • Guidance on developing your law school list
  • Application timetable development
  • Rolling Admissions considerations
  • Counseling on LSDAS Application
  • Personal statement and other essay guidance
  • Advisement on letters of recommendation
  • Interview assistance
  • Counseling for students with work experience
  • Career counseling
  • Strategic guidance: enhancing your strengths, minimizing your weaknesses
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