Admission to medical school is daunting. Admit rates, in many cases, are minuscule and the competition is intense. Your college GPA needs to be extremely high, and solid MCAT scores are imperative. Your reasons for attending medical school must be compelling to an admissions committee as must the choices you’ve made to demonstrate your interest.

You need a different kind of help than students seeking admission to an undergraduate program. Strategic guidance is paramount. A coordinated approach to developing your college curriculum and building the appropriate experience is critical for students who engage us in the early years of college. For those of you who come to us for application help, a detailed understanding of the process is pivotal.

Whatever stage you’re at, IvySelect’s medical advisor is eminently qualified to help. She is an Associate Professor at an Ivy League University’s School of Medicine and has been a member of the Admissions Committee at that medical school for over 10 years. Though she must recuse herself from providing any assistance related to any division of that university, including the Medical School, she is able to provide both general advice on the process and specific advise about other medical schools. Please refer to the About Us page to read in-depth about her background.

Our Medical School Admissions Counseling Process

For those students needing counseling on course requirements and majors, IvySelect’s medical advisor will provide expert guidance. Ivy league college counseling on clinical, teaching and research experiences that will enhance your profile is also available. Of course, assistance with developing your medical school list and advice on applying to foreign or osteopathic medical schools, if appropriate, is another key component of the IvySelect medical school admissions program.

When it comes to the actual application process, IvySelect will provide expert guidance for the arduous AMCAS and AACOMAS applications, as well as Secondary Applications. Having read literally thousands of admissions essays, our IvySelect medical school admissions consultant will advise you on what works and what doesn’t.

Unlike many other graduate schools, interviews are an integral part of the medical school admissions process. You can be confident knowing that your interviewing technique will be assessed and refined by an admissions committee member who has interviewed hundreds of medical school applicants.

For students requiring assistance of limited scope, such as help with your personal statement, IvySelect is available to make a difference.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of your college & high school records
  • Analysis of your academic & extracurricular background
  • MCAT testing advisement
  • Guidance on developing your medical school list
  • Counseling on AMCAS Application
  • Counseling on Secondary Applications
  • Counseling on AACOMAS Application
  • Personal statement guidance for the AMCAS Application and Secondary Applications
  • Advisement on letters of recommendation
  • Interview assistance
  • Strategic guidance: enhancing your strengths, minimizing your weaknesses