High-Achieving Students

IvySelect is first and foremost a boutique, high-end specialist college counseling firm.  We are one of just a handful of college consultancies in the United States that specialize in helping high-achieving students applying to highly selective schools. IvySelect provides the finest guidance to intelligent, motivated and accomplished students.

International Students

Our areas of expertise are natural corollaries of our work with top students. For example, we provide unmatched college counseling for international students who seek admission to top universities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The Director and Founder of IvySelect, Michael Goran, is one of a very small group of college admissions consultants who is a true expert in working with international students. In fact, he was among the first 15-20 counselors who are Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) Professional Members, to have been vetted for and received the International Specialty Designation due to his vast experience working with international students.

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Students Seeking Admission to B.S./M.D. Programs

Another subset of our specialties is counseling students who are seeking admission to ultra-competitive B.S./M.D. programs. These joint-degree programs are designed for high school applicants who absolutely know that they want to be doctors.  Students apply to universities at both the college and medical school levels simultaneously. B.S./M.D. programs have extremely rigorous standards for admission, with successful students having top GPA’s and SAT scores at the very highest levels, along with extensive research and/or clinical experience. These programs are often more selective than Ivy League schools.

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Transfer Students

Generally, our transfer students come to us because they want to transfer to a school that is more academically competitive. Simply wanting to go to a school that is more prestigious, however, is not an acceptable reason for transferring. IvySelect college consultants work with you to define your compelling reasons for wanting to transfer.  Perhaps the resources at your current school are inadequate for your needs. It may be that you feel your current school is too large, too small or lacks the academic program that appeals to you. Through individualized counseling, IvySelect can help you make your best case for transfer and assist you in shaping your list of schools to which you wish to transfer.

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IvySelect’s student-athletes are a talented bunch. They possess both academic and athletic abilities at very high levels. They also possess one of the greatest “hooks” in the admissions process. Student-athletes that work with IvySelect use their athletic talents as leverage, to attempt to get into the top schools in the nation.  They are seeking the best of both worlds: a chance to play sports that they love while attending an elite school that will provide them with an excellent education. IvySelect has worked with many different students in many different sports. We provide you with expert counseling that is geared toward the unique needs of student-athletes. From defining a college list that meets both your athletic and academic interests to how to contact and deal with college coaches, IvySelect’s college admission consultants will provide you with first-rate assistance.

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Medical School Applicants

Medical school applicants face one of the most selective admissions processes of any student group. Fortunately, IvySelect can provide you with unrivaled assistance. Some students approach us for help earlier in the process.  They are seeking guidance on issues ranging from how to best demonstrate their interests in medicine, to what courses to take. Our expert med school admissions advisor will provide the answers you need to maximize your chance of success. For those students looking for help with the actual application process, our medical school consultant’s experience in having read thousands of admissions personal statements will benefit you enormously. As a member of the Yale Medical School Admissions Committee, her background and knowledge base is invaluable.

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Law School Applicants

The law school admissions process also poses its unique challenges. Our Director will provide you with the top-level service you require. Mr. Goran is an attorney who can provide a feel for the law school environment, studying for the bar exam and working as a lawyer. His unique blend of legal and educational consulting experience will serve you well as you work through the law school application process. Our Director is exceptional at delivering the counseling you need to make your personal statement and other essays truly stand out. The strategic guidance IvySelect will provide is a key component to the process.

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