Year after year, we hear the same thing… and we love it! “I couldn’t have done it all without you.” “Oh my God, I can’t believe how bad the first draft of my essay was, but you helped me make it incredible!” “I was so nervous before I started the process, but once I started working with IvySelect, I calmed down because I knew I had someone to really help me.” “You had all the answers.” “What amazing guidance – you led and I went along for a great ride!”

We’ll help you find the best topic for your personal statement. One that will help you really stand out. We won’t change your voice. All of your essays will be yours, as they should be. We’ll just help you make them the best they can be.

You Need Answers

We’ll be there for you to provide the answers. You’ll have a zillion questions. They’ll range from procedural details to issues of overarching strategy. We’ve been here before – many, many times. IvySelect’s counselors will offer you advice that will make you confident. You’ll block out the white noise of “what everyone else is doing.” You won’t listen to or read about urban legends. You’ll feel certain that you know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Reduce Your Stress

We’ll help alleviate your stress. When you’re aiming for the top schools anxiety and nervousness are a natural part of the process. Relax! We’re here to help. As expert college admissions counselors who specialize in working with high-achieving students like you, we can guide you in ways that other counselors, quite frankly, cannot.

Get An Expert On Your Side

We’ve “been there” ourselves as students applying to (and getting into!) top universities, so we can relate. More importantly, though, we’ve helped many students like you navigate the highly selective college admissions process. You’ll develop a sense of certainty and calm knowing that you’re in the best hands possible, with counselors that care about you and who have been very successful in assisting our students reach their lofty goals.

You Deserve The Best

You’ve worked too hard, been too diligent in your studies and are too ambitious to gamble on “trying to do things yourself” or, worse, getting counseling help that falls far short of the mark. You absolutely must have expert assistance.

IvySelect will provide you with the first-rate ivy league college counseling you require, whether you need a top-notch college consultant to help you with your applications to the Ivies, or you are seeking a college counselor for other top 100 schools. Our individualized and comprehensive approach stands out from the pack. We’ll spend the time with you and give you all the help you need. Like the students who were counseled by us before you, we know that you’ll also love working with us!

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