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IvySelect’s College Application Advisors Help You Avoid Critical Errors

Your college applications are much more than simply a grouping of questions where you fill in the blanks. They are the first impression that you will make to admissions officers about who you are and what interests you.

How you present yourself can be crucial to your success in the admissions process. We will help you manifest the seriousness of purpose that is expected. We’ll make certain that you follow directions and avoid misspellings. We’ll review the biographical information, academic record and extracurricular achievements that you list on your application to make certain that it is accurate and complete.

We Will Help You Develop Your Application Strategy

There is a strategy to how you approach your applications. In admissions speak, there is a “resonance” that should occur between various pieces of your file. For example, if you make noises about being a leader in the activities section of the application, admissions officers will look for supportive evidence of this in your short answer questions, essays, teacher letters of recommendation, counselor recommendation and so on. Likewise, if you list a potential major, the material in your application should demonstrate a passion for that field.

We will help you understand how the pieces of the application interact and make certain that you have put forth the best representation of “who you are” to admissions officers. If appropriate, your IvySelect advisor will also help you with the preparation of a resume that may be submitted to some or all of your schools.

We Will Walk You Through The Application Process

On a more procedural level, we will help you decide whether to use the Common Application, the Universal College Application, or the school’s own application, if available.

There are subtleties to computer-based forms. We’ll let you know why you can’t see a particular essay and how to find it. Your Ivy league college consultant will make you aware of technical glitches and let you know steps to follow to successfully complete the application.

We’ll Help You With Your Application Supplements

The vast majority of highly selective schools (and many selective schools, for that matter) have supplements. Whether or not the supplemental, school-specific sections have essays, the data you include on those forms is just as important as the main “general” application.

Many students make the mistake of not taking the supplemental sections of the application as seriously as the overarching application. This is a huge error. We make certain that your supplemental applications are as polished as the main application.

Finally, for those students with “special talents,” like athletics or art, your IvySelect college admissions counselor will work with you on what supplementary materials to submit for your niche supplement.

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