Athletics At Top-Tier Schools

IvySelect’s college admissions consultants specialize in helping high-ability students who are gearing for top-tier universities. This is no less true for our student-athletes. They are attempting to leverage their athletic talents in order to get into elite schools.

Make no mistake; athletes at the Ivies are often among the finest in the country, playing a variety of sports at the Division I Level. Even their football teams, which are Division I-AA, produce some players who are drafted by and play in the NFL.

Outside of the Ivies, private schools like Duke, Northwestern, Stanford, Vanderbilt and USC and top public universities like North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan and UCLA recruit athletes who are not only athletically talented, but academically excellent as well. Some of the top-tier smaller liberal arts colleges like Williams and Amherst and universities with more modest athletic programs like Emory, Johns Hopkins and Chicago (with exceptions – lacrosse, for example, is at the Division I Level at Hopkins) offer athletes who may not make Division I teams, or want to be at a smaller school or have a less intense practice schedule, athletics at the Division III Level that are still very competitive.

How IvySelect Helps You Leverage Your Athletic Hook

Of course, students whose grades and athletic ability are at the top level are the most desirable to elite universities. But it’s no secret that a student who has a solid but not spectacular academic record may get into a top college as a result of his athletic prowess, where a student who is not an athlete with similar academic credentials would not seriously be considered for admission.

The athletic “hook,” then, can be a very powerful tool in the college admissions process. At IvySelect, we help you utilize this hook to your maximum advantage. Whether it’s providing guidance as to when to contact coaches, how to communicate with coaches via phone, email, or in person, asking appropriate questions, putting together the athletic resume, what you should do when visiting a college of interest and more, ivy league college counselor can guide you through the labyrinth.

We can assist you in unraveling NCAA arcane rules. We can help you interpret “coach speak.” We will assist you in coming up with a college list that fits both your academic and athletic interests.

Our services include:

  • Counseling on how to leverage being an athlete in the admissions process at top-tier schools
  • Comparing top college programs
  • Preparing athletic resumes
  • Guidance on NCAA rules related to recruiting
  • Counseling on athletic videos
  • Guidance on student contact with coaches
  • Advisement on athletic letters of recommendation
  • Assistance with evaluating programs to which the student has been accepted
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