Colgate Prepares Students for Post-College Life

Colgate University’s new Benton Hall, the home of its Career Services Center, is located on the main academic quad with its sweeping views of the Chenango Valley in upstate New York. Its features include a soaring 25-foot ceiling, striking granite read more

Understanding Admissions Software

According to the Washington Post, applicants to three private colleges recently received an unexpected and unwelcome email offer. Hackers had breached the system that stores applicant information for Oberlin College in Ohio, Grinnell College in Iowa, and Hamilton College read more

Amherst College Opens New Science Center

The fields of learning that cultivate general intellectual ability rather than technical or professional skills are known as the liberal arts. “Liberal Arts”, as a term, is often used as a synonym for the humanities because fields such as literature, read more

The Columbia Combined Plan and Elite Liberal Arts Colleges

There are high school students who aspire to attend a top-tier institution but have difficulty in choosing between a small liberal arts college that doesn’t offer a major in engineering and a research university with a sound reputation in engineering. read more

Beyond Academics: You Are a Factor in Admissions

Before the advent of the home computer and Internet, college applicants submitted typed or handwritten answers to essentially the same questions on every college application that they completed. This tended to keep the number of applications down to about three read more

Making the Most of Your College Visits

If you’re a rising freshman, sophomore, or junior and traveling on vacation this summer, side visits to conveniently located campuses can be useful in discovering what you like or don’t like about specific colleges. However, if you’re a rising high read more

From Top College Prep Schools to the Ivy League

In a recent year, the majority of Harvard freshmen were graduates of public high schools and only 5% were graduates of elite prep schools. Five percent may not seem like much, but students at the top prep schools represent only read more

The Elite Universities That Offer the Best Engineering Programs

If you’re a high school student with the right aptitudes and interests, you’ll want to consider engineering as a college major. A degree in engineering from a top-tier institution is an excellent way to set the foundation for a financially read more

Schedule Interviews as Part of Your College Visits

In a recent post, we at IvySelect advised rising seniors who aspire to attend a top-tier college to visit as many schools as possible before senior year begins. In this post, we review the benefits of scheduling interviews during these read more

Seniors: What You Need to Know About Application Essays

Nothing causes more anxiety among applicants to top-tier colleges than the prospect of writing essays. Anxiety may arise from doubts about being up to the task as a writer, especially if you’re a prospective STEM major, or you may be read more