Competitive Awards As Factors in Admission


Your academic record is always the most important factor in admission to an Ivy League university or similarly elite institution. However, because there are so many applicants with excellent academic qualifications, you must also excel in the non-academic “soft” read more

What IvySelect Does for You

IvySelect is a college admissions consulting firm specializing in Ivy League and similarly elite colleges and universities. We help you and your family make one of the most important decisions that you’ll encounter — selecting which college or university is read more

Understanding Admissions Software

According to the Washington Post, applicants to three private colleges recently received an unexpected and unwelcome email offer. Hackers had breached the system that stores applicant information for Oberlin College in Ohio, Grinnell College in Iowa, and Hamilton College read more

Beyond Academics: You Are a Factor in Admissions

Before the advent of the home computer and Internet, college applicants submitted typed or handwritten answers to essentially the same questions on every college application that they completed. This tended to keep the number of applications down to about three read more

From Top College Prep Schools to the Ivy League

In a recent year, the majority of Harvard freshmen were graduates of public high schools and only 5% were graduates of elite prep schools. Five percent may not seem like much, but students at the top prep schools represent only read more

Schedule Interviews as Part of Your College Visits

In a recent post, we at IvySelect advised rising seniors who aspire to attend a top-tier college to visit as many schools as possible before senior year begins. In this post, we review the benefits of scheduling interviews during these read more

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How to Deal With a Waitlist Decision

Waiting for something that you wish for intensely and then being disappointed is one of the more unpleasant aspects of the human condition. Why, then, set yourself up for pain by accepting a top-tier college’s offer to be waitlisted, knowing … read more

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Admission to a Top-Tier School From Community College

There are high school students who, due to a variety of circumstances, don’t perform academically up to the level required for admission to a top-tier four-year institution directly from high school. One way for these students to demonstrate their ability to … read more

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Getting an Early Start on Top-Tier Admissions

Seniors are in their last semester of high school, eagerly awaiting admissions decisions. Juniors are preparing for the final sprint, anticipating their admissions campaigns next fall and winter. This is also an appropriate time for the parents of students who are … read more

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Transfer Students Add Value to Top-Tier Colleges

Today, more than one-third of college students transfer at least once in the process of earning a bachelor’s degree. The reasons why top-tier institutions haven’t accepted more of these transfer students aren’t clear. Is it hauteur, a fixation on high … read more