Schedule Interviews as Part of Your College Visits

In a recent post, we at IvySelect advised rising seniors who aspire to attend a top-tier college to visit as many schools as possible before senior year begins. In this post, we review the benefits of scheduling interviews during these read more

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How to Deal With a Waitlist Decision

Waiting for something that you wish for intensely and then being disappointed is one of the more unpleasant aspects of the human condition. Why, then, set yourself up for pain by accepting a top-tier college’s offer to be waitlisted, knowing … read more

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Admission to a Top-Tier School From Community College

There are high school students who, due to a variety of circumstances, don’t perform academically up to the level required for admission to a top-tier four-year institution directly from high school. One way for these students to demonstrate their ability to … read more

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Getting an Early Start on Top-Tier Admissions

Seniors are in their last semester of high school, eagerly awaiting admissions decisions. Juniors are preparing for the final sprint, anticipating their admissions campaigns next fall and winter. This is also an appropriate time for the parents of students who are … read more

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Transfer Students Add Value to Top-Tier Colleges

Today, more than one-third of college students transfer at least once in the process of earning a bachelor’s degree. The reasons why top-tier institutions haven’t accepted more of these transfer students aren’t clear. Is it hauteur, a fixation on high … read more

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Make the Most of Your College Interviews

If you’re a high school senior, you’re now fully engaged in the application phase of your college admissions campaign. As busy as you are, you may still wish to take a little time to plan for interviews.

Are you … read more

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Class of 2022 Admissions Results for Elite Public Universities

The competitiveness of admissions is perennially intense at top-tier public as well as private institutions. Admission rates, a measure of the exclusivity of institutions, has become a proxy for academic excellence as perceived by most high school students and their … read more

The School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University

The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS) at Georgetown University in Washington is world renowned as an institute of higher education in international affairs and the art of diplomacy. Although it’s a private entity and not a public … read more

MIT and the Importance of Innovation

An objective of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is to advance the fields of engineering, mathematics, the physical sciences, and computing through innovation and invention. MIT researchers have recently added a less than sublime achievement to the Institution’s many accomplishments. … read more

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Who Should Write Your Letters of Recommendation?

Letters of recommendation often fail to attain their potential for a positive impact on college admissions officials at top-tier institutions. IvySelect can guide you in helping the letter writers understand the process in a way that meshes with the expectations … read more