Many, though not all, top colleges offer interviews. How much influence does an interview have in the process? In the words of a Senior Director of Admissions at a top 10 school that we spoke to, “a great interview won’t raise the dead,” but it can be a factor in the decision at some schools.

An interview can often confirm to admissions officers other pieces of the application. By speaking with you in a one-on-one setting, there is a chance to more fully understand who you are and what your passionate about in both the academic and extracurricular contexts.

Types Of Interviews

Although some interviews are informative, and will have no impact on your admissions decision, there are others that are evaluative. Top small liberal arts colleges may require an interview. It makes sense – they want to see how you’ll fit in to their small community and how you’ll engage in a classroom with a limited number of students.

Some other larger universities offer interviews on campus. You may meet with a student who is trained by admissions, or an actual admissions officer. Obviously, if it’s the latter, their impression of you can play a greater role in whether you are admitted to the school.

A number of the Ivies, as well as other schools, have alumni conduct interviews in your area. These interviews, although evaluative, often play no more than a confirmatory role in the decision-making process.

Some schools do not require interviews and may only have a limited number of slots for on-campus interviews. Although these schools will not hold it against you if you do not interview, should you meet with them, your interview will be evaluative and become part of your file.

How IvySelect Prepares You For Interviewing

As you can see, the landscape can be quite confusing. There’s no need to worry, however. At IvySelect, we will guide you through the process and help you understand the importance (or lack thereof) of an interview at a particular college.

That’s just one piece of what we offer in the context of interviewing. We will conduct mock interviews with you, using actual questions used by interviewers. We will remind you to schedule interviews in advance of deadlines.

Your Ivy league college counselor will prepare you for engaging in proper interview etiquette. We’ll discuss what to wear, how to interact and how to come across in a genuine and thoughtful manner.

We’ll prepare you for what to expect in an on-campus interview versus an interview with an alumna of the school and what questions to prepare for your interview. We’ll discuss how to present yourself, maintain a positive approach and avoid being critical.

With the help of IvySelect, you’ll feel confident and prepared for your interviews.

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