IvySelect’s Educational Counseling Is Customized to Every Student

For high school juniors and seniors, we offer comprehensive packages that help you along every step of the application process.

We also offer a la carte options in prepaid four hour blocks for a specific service. This is not available to high school juniors and seniors. Additional time is available as needed at the hourly rate.

Contact us using the form on the right to discuss your options and get started!
Generally, our college admission consulting services include:

  • Flexible hours
  • Local & distance counseling
  • Process-oriented approach to meet deadlines
  • Goal-oriented approach to achieve superior admissions results
  • Philosophical approach to secure admission to best match colleges
  • Set a standardized testing schedule
  • Tutor referral for course work & standardized tests

Specific Focus Areas of Educational Consulting

Our college consulting expertise covers every area of the college application and admissions process. You can read more about each area of expertise by clicking an option below, or by navigating to a specific service page in the main menu at the top of this page.

  • Client & family intake conference: interests, goals, dreams
  • Analyzing school record & background
  • Strategic planning to boost credentials, improve high school record & ameliorate weaknesses
  • Positioning based on specific philosophies, needs and approaches used at top schools
  • Defining “stand out” academic, extracurricular & summer activities
  • Identifying and maximizing “hooks” that differentiate the student from other applicants
  • Facilitating internships that are thematically consistent with interests & abilities
  • Structured interview
  • Values & interests assessments
  • Career exploration
  • Refine activities & academics based on assessments
  • More information on our college list page
  • College major search
  • College selection criteria surveys/conference
  • Guidance on combined college/graduate programs (e.g., B.S./M.D., B.A./J.D)
  • College list emphasizing best fit(multiple sessions — preliminary to final list)
  • Conferencing on best financial fit in developing college list
  • “Virtual” tour sources
  • Assistance planning visits
  • Visitation tips & questions to ask
  • Ratings sheets
  • More information on our college application page
  • Decisions Options & Strategies, including EA, ED, SCEA, Rolling & Regular
  • Develop a specific plan of action to meet deadlines
  • Fine tune strategic plan to maximize credentials
  • Tips on filling out the Common Application & individual college applications
  • Brag sheet development & design
  • Resume assistance
  • Managing applications & deadlines
  • Tracking supporting documentation
  • More information on our essay page
  • Brainstorming ideas to develop the “unique” voice
  • Writing & editing sessions that avoid packaging, that reveal life themes & that break through
  • Expert guidance from an award-winning writer and professional editor
  • More information on our letters of recommendation page
  • Input on how to get the best letters of recommendation
  • Appropriate methods to emphasize “defining moments” to recommender
  • Timing & follow through
  • More information on our interview prep page
  • Mock interviews, using actual interview questions
  • Develop a specific question list for each college, to ask the interviewer
  • Videotaping of interviews to improve techniques and raise comfort & confidence
  • Strategies that maximize “demonstrated interest,” where relevant
  • Avoidance of common pitfalls, which will separate the student from the pack
  • See our student-athletes page for more details
  • Guidance on leveraging athletic talent in the admissions process at elite schools
  • Programs at top colleges
  • NCAA rules and regulations regarding recruiting
  • Counseling on what to and what not to include in videos
  • Counseling on appropriate student contact with coaches
  • Resume preparation
  • Strategies for athletic letters of recommendation
  • Program evaluation, based on acceptances
  • Scholarship evaluation
  • Application components (including essays & brag sheets) readied for maximum impact
  • Thorough review of applications prior to submission
  • Strategic merit scholarship planning
  • Overview of financial aid & college funding process — programs, methodology, & the importance of applying regardless of family income level
  • Review aid awards
  • In depth college selection advising, based on acceptances
  • Final comparison of academic programs
  • Emotional fit
  • Financial considerations

Educational Services Tailored By Academic Year

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  2. […] possesses, the characteristic that will get you noticed by elite universities, contact us today to find out more. Soon you will be embarking on a journey of discovery and self-promotion that could lead to success […]

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