Unsurpassed College Application Essay Help

Your college essays play an incredibly important role in the highly selective admissions process. Standardized test scores, your GPA and the rigor of your curriculum remain as pivotal pieces of your college application. But with so many students submitting test scores and grades at the highest level, how is a university able to decide to whom they should offer admission?

By employing a “holistic” approach to the process, admissions officers are able to separate students with very similar academic credentials. Their subjective analysis draws upon many pieces, e.g., your letters of recommendation, your activities and how they’re viewed in the context of “institutional priorities,” your “special status” as an athlete or legacy and so forth.

Your essays are very highly valued in this analysis. They provide (or should provide) insights into how you write, how you think and what you’re passionate about. Your personal statement, short answers and supplemental essays reveal your personality traits, how you visualize your academic path, and detail your life story.

Is it any wonder, then, that the vast majority of students find writing their college essays to be incredibly daunting? Due to a lack of information, anxiety and a dearth of fundamental knowledge, students often fail to write “winning” essays that can be the difference between whether or not they get in to various schools. That fate will not be yours when you work with IvySelect!

IvySelect’s college admissions counselors possess an expert understanding of the essay writing process. We will guide you to write top-notch essays that stand out from your competition.

We’re sure you have many questions. How do you begin the writing process? What strategies distinguish exceptional personal statements from ordinary essays? Will I have to write many drafts? How can I make my essay stand out from other students? What methods do I use to reveal different aspects of myself in the many short answer questions and essays I’ll be writing?

Don’t Let Inadequate Resources Undermine Your Essays

The resources you might consider are simply inadequate. Your guidance and/or college counselors do not have the time to work with you on an individual basis through multiple drafts of your multiple essays. Alternatively, filled with hubris, some students believe that because they receive strong grades in English and read a book on “successful Ivy League essays,” that they are well equipped to write an outstanding personal statement.

Keep in mind that the college personal statement is a very different beast than the five-paragraph essays that make up your high school writing assignments. Admissions officers are evaluating your essays in an exceedingly different light than your English teacher. Therefore, the college essay help offered by your English teacher may totally miss the mark, as your teacher is without the requisite expertise needed.

Essay Coaching Companies Lack The Knowledge Of IvySelect’s Professional College Counselors

Essay coaches share something in common with English teachers: they, too, are NOT professional college counselors. The writing background that essay coaches may have does not make them admissions experts!

IvySelect’s counselors participate in national college conferences alongside admissions officers, who share their insights about their schools and their different admissions processes. We fly all over the country to take part in professional development seminars where we receive current information on college admissions. Our consultants visit schools in the U.S. and internationally in order to help you build essays that are on-point for each university.

We are true college essay specialists, with a honed professional understanding that is way beyond essay coaching and writing services. Utilizing our experience, knowledge base and deep-level strategies, your writing will be top flight, unique and will stand head and shoulders above your competition.

We’ll Provide Insight Into How Admissions Officers Evaluate College Essays

When students lack professional college admissions guidance, they often will write essays that they think admissions officers want. They may envision a professorial old man sporting a bow tie and dowdy sports jacket as their gatekeeper. Though a few admissions officers may fit that profile, most AO’s do not belong to that demographic.

Attempting to craft an essay to impress your particular vision of an admissions officer is foolhardy. It may actually undermine your chances of getting into a particular school.

IvySelect’s college counselors will help you avoid these types of pitfalls. Given our experience and knowledge, including the many conversations that we have with admissions officers, we are able to guide you in crafting authentic essays that are exceptional.

IvySelect Will Assist You In Discovering Your “Life Themes”

Students without the proper counseling often write essays that are bereft of passion and that fail to delineate who they are. Their writing, on most occasions, often does not identify their “life themes” that are part of different pieces of their applications, including resumes, letters of recommendation, the academic record as well as extracurricular activities.

Your IvySelect college counselor will help you tie together the various pieces of your application in both the academic and extracurricular contexts. Through our strategic vision, you will understand how your school-based and summer activities, as well as your personal and family experiences tie together to showcase your life themes. We’ll help you demonstrate your vision throughout your application and your essays, so that, in admissions speak, there will be the proper “resonance” across all of your college admissions documents.

Unsurpassed Professional Writing & Teaching Assistance

It’s not sufficient to know what to write. How you convey ideas is crucial. From experience, you understand that not all teachers, coaches and counselors have the same abilities. You simply learn more from certain individuals. Let’s face it – some people have superior talent in imparting what they know and in helping you elevate your writing.

Our Director has experience as an editor at a major New York publishing firm and is an award-winning writer. He possesses exceptional skills in helping students craft their essays. Should you work with him, you will receive guidance on your essays from an Ivy League graduate with a special talent and training to teach you how to write standout essays.

Regardless of which IvySelect college counselor you work with, you’ll be in great hands. For example, our Senior College Admissions Consultant has a wealth of experience, having read literally thousands of essays in her role as a member of an admissions committee at one of the Ivies.

The IvySelect group of first-rate professionals will guide you in crafting personal statement that cut through the clutter in the very competitive admissions landscape at highly selective universities.

We Help You Conceptualize Standout Essays

IvySelect college counselors will help you brainstorm concepts for your personal statements that you would most likely have not thought of on your own.. Although we do not write essays for applicants, we guide you in crystallizing your ideas, direct you when your concepts flail and stop you from submitting essays that fail to answer the question or that do not make your best case for admission.

IvySelect Counselors Work With You For Months On Your Multiple Essays

Although the Common Application has one “main” essay prompt, students are often surprised to find that each school may require that they respond to multiple supplemental essays and short answers. Many selective schools and, of course, highly selective colleges, require you to write at least one and often two additional essays. These writings may range in length from 250 to 500 words or more. In some cases, you may find yourself responding to five to seven questions for a single university!

If you submit a polished “main” personal statement that an essay coach or your English teacher helped you with, but answer your supplemental essays and short answers with awkward writing, this will raise red flags to admissions officers. They will surmise that you had help with your main essay and that your poor writing in other essays reflects your true abilities. In such a case, you will surely lose credibility.

In order to write multiple essays that are of the same elevated, high quality as your main essay, you need to spend the time, do the hard work and receive informed guidance. Working with your IvySelect college counselor in hands-on, individualized weekly meetings that take place over a period of months, your essays will truly standout and help make your best case for admission to top colleges.


  • Preliminaries:
    • Analyze your academic and extracurricular profile & interests
    • Learn about the student and family
    • Conceptualize and develop an essay strategy
    • “Life themes” exploration
    • Discuss possible essay concepts
    • Delineate what admissions officers look for in your essays
  • Essay Brainstorming & Conceptualization:
    • Review various approaches to develop outstanding essay themes
    • The use of the “Snow Plow” to generate ideas
    • Writing About “Your Passions” Method
    • The “What do I believe?” Question
    • The “Values” Approach
    • Use of adjectives as a starting point
    • Discussion of Experiences: interests, activities, family, job, philosophy
    • Conceptualization through Formation of the Essay Idea
  • The Synthesis Stage:
    • Drawing together material through your experience
    • Relating your experience to strengthen your positioning strategy
    • Defining how the experience was significant and your “take away”
    • Ascertaining your Theme — revealing a truth, manifesting uniqueness
    • Pre-writing concepts — consider what will make your writing sound authentic and what to include for specificity
    • Avoiding trite topics that admissions readers hate
    • Making sure that you answer the question
    • Conferencing on what should be included in a specific essay
  • The Drafting Stage:
    • Guidance on Structure
    • Editing Considerations — length, flow, clarity, content, objectives, structure
    • Making certain the essay follows the “Do’s & Don’ts” rules
    • Discussing when you need to “kill your darlings”
    • Making certain the essay resonates with emotion & passion
    • Story development
    • Making the “character” come to life
    • Emphasizing Authenticity
    • Grammar assistance
    • Months-long feedback on an ongoing basis given for personal statements and short answers
    • Elevation of essays by taking them through multiple drafts
  • The Polishing Stage:
    • Polishing the Introduction to “draw the reader in”
    • Elevating your positioning strategy via the polish
    • Making certain your ideas are defined & polished
    • Polishing the flow of your personal statements
    • Maximizing the depth & focus of your essays through the polish
    • Making certain your essay feels “complete” by polishing your Conclusion
    • Proofread for final adjustments

Our essay strategy is applied to all your essays and short answers.