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Juniors: You Need an Advisor for College

American lore is alive with the great deeds of extraordinary individuals acting “alone”. Their accomplishments lie in a wide range of fields and include such luminaries as Daniel Boone, John Fremont, Frederick Douglass, , Alexander Bell, Booker Washington, Thomas Edison, Frank Lloyd Wright, Amelia Earhart, Walt Disney, Jonas Salk, and Steve Jobs, to name just a few.

The achievements of these legendary Americans have often been embellished to make them seem closer to the American ideal of “rugged individualism”. But as a make-believe newspaperman once said about The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” The fact is… none of these national icons acted alone. Each was informed and guided by experts, experts who shared their specialized knowledge.

The American spirit is not about the lone genius; it’s about teamwork—working together for the common good. In obtaining admission to America’s most highly competitive schools, you need to rely on the advice of experts like IvySelect, one of the premiere college admissions consulting firms specializing in top-tier schools.

A college admissions campaign is long, confusing, and non-intuitive. The process is so overwhelming that many students go on to attend a college that isn’t right for them. Poor planning and preparation are likely to produce suboptimal results. Far superior outcomes can be expected through the agency of an IvySelect expert counselor.

High schools have guidance counselors, but few with the time to consult with each student on occasion, or, in some cases, even more than once about their college plans. With a ratio of approximately 800 students for each counselor, public schools simply cannot provide the level of service that the top-tier college admissions process requires. Even the average 40-to-1 ratio of private schools isn’t adequate.

At IvySelect, we understand how important it is for you to stand out from your highly qualified peers. We provide intensive, one-on-one admissions guidance to give you in-depth insight into the college admissions milieu. We’re familiar with the unique processes of the Ivy League and other highly selective institutions.

Highly selective schools incorporate far more than your academic record in considering your application. Your extracurricular activities, campus visits and interviews, essays, expressions of demonstrated interest, and record of non-academic achievements are all key factors. Our counselors help you develop and convey an accurate and attractive profile that will appeal to the discerning admissions officers of top schools. We provide invaluable assistance in the selection and targeting of the 12 or 13 schools that fit you best in terms of your preferences, talents, strengths, interests, and goals.

As colleges now seek a diversified student body, IvySelect’s practice of creating a positioning strategy for you is an essential piece of the puzzle. By clarifying and communicating your unique talents and interests, you form a bond with the people on the receiving end of your application. The best opportunity to convey your true self is through your essays, both the personal statement in the Common App and the supplemental essays that most elite schools require. IvySelect provides vital assistance in developing original, interesting, and authentic essays that complement your application’s core message. You’ll learn how to use your own voice to make a lasting impression that strikes the right notes.

Careful planning is fundamental to success in the college application process. Our counselors assist with every facet of your college application, including when to apply, developing effective essays, obtaining meaningful letters of recommendation, essay writing, compliance with all deadlines, preparation for interviews and campus visits, techniques for demonstrating interest in a school, and drawing attention to your special activities, awards, and honors. Prior to application season, we provide high-level strategic advisement to help you develop your profile, as well as counsel you on high school courses and guide you regarding standardized tests that are best for you given your circumstances.

Successful admission to elite colleges requires a well-considered strategy. If you’re a top performing junior aspiring to attend a top-tier school, you’re well advised to team up with the expert college admissions counselors at IvySelect to meet your educational goals.

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