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Can A Private College Consultant Make A Difference In A Student’s Admissions Process At Ivy League & Other Top Universities?

Parents and students often wonder about whether a private college admissions consultant can make a difference in admissions outcomes. In essence, what is the “value added” component of hiring an independent educational consultant?

NO consultant can guarantee admission to any university – in fact, any “college counselor” who says that they can guarantee admission to a particular school is a charlatan, and worse, unethical. Yet there is no doubt that a top-flight private college counselor can help elevate a student’s profile and assist them in presenting the best version of himself or herself.

Through a thorough understanding of the college admissions process at the Ivies & other top universities, and what can be done to maximize a student’s competitive stature in an authentic and relevant way, an appropriately educated, expert and talented private college admissions counselor, we are certain, can play a profoundly positive role in heightening a student’s chances of admission at top schools.

Consider this testimonial from a parent of a student who is Stanford bound this fall:

From my perspective, IvySelect’s Founder, Director & Lead Educational Consultant, Michael Goran, was selected to work with my son, because of his credentials, talking with other parents who used his services, and mainly due to my son’s own decision. After interviewing with Michael and other prospective college consulting services, my son determined that he thought Michael & IvySelect would provide the best assistance at getting accepted to his number one college choice and other top choices.

It paid off too, wow did it pay off. Out of the 11 colleges my son applied to, he was accepted to 9 (Stanford, Washington University, Cornell, Northwestern, RPI, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Carnegie-Mellon), wait listed at 1 (Harvey Mudd), and only rejected by 1 (MIT). And with Stanford being his number 1 choice, this was the icing on the cake. For my son to be accepted to one of the top universities in America and the World, says a lot. Stanford had a record enrollment and also had the lowest admit rate too (5%). So, my son’s acceptance at Stanford truly shows what Michael was able to accomplish with him, and in a relatively short time – not to make him smarter, he was already plenty smart, but to help him to make himself more visible and viable to top universities. Michael was able to help my son stand out, to make him feel more confident in the process, and keep him on track. Ultimately, Michael helped my son get accepted to his top college choice.

Wow, wow, and wow!!! Michael delivered and I feel he was a huge difference maker. To see my son get and read that acceptance letter is the highlight of my life.


We are always so proud to receive comments like this from our parents and students. At IvySelect, we care deeply about our students’ success and happiness. We share in the excitement when our clients get into the top universities in the United States and around the world. To us, this isn’t simply a job – it’s a calling. We wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Our students are incredibly successful in the admissions process at the Ivies and top schools for a reason. We’re professional and work hard to ensure our students present their best case for admission. Beyond that, we’re specialists in the field of top college admissions, are talented, experienced, intelligent and have Ivy League credentials.

Can a private college consultant make a difference in a student’s admissions process at Ivy League & other top universities? We don’t know about other college counselors, but our results speak for themselves!!

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