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Five Ways to Know You’re Working With a Top College Consultant

Entering your university of choice can be a challenging proposition. However, a top college consultant can help his students greatly when it comes to achieving admissions at leading universities, especially within the Ivy League. Before deciding to partner with a college consultant, you must be sure that person has the skills and credentials you need to reach your goals.

How can you be certain a college consultant is someone you can truly trust to help you?

  1. Look for Quality Training

    College counseling is an extremely specialized area. Very few people can claim they have top training, and even fewer potential clients know what to look for. One of the top training courses in college counseling is the graduate level UCLA College Counseling Certificate Program completed by Michael Goran, the Founder of IvySelect. Mr. Goran is a graduate of an Ivy League school – the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds a J.D. from Emory University, which is indicative of his commitment to and understanding of top-level education.

  2. Expect Membership in Leading Organizations

    Verifying that a college consultant has a commitment to the highest standards of ethics and good practice as well as ongoing education is extremely important. Consultants who offer professional services need to be part of a community of experts so they can constantly improve their knowledge. Mr. Goran is a member of multiple college consulting organizations recognized nationally and internationally for their professionalism in this field, like NACAC, HECA, and the IECA.

  3. Verify Ivy League Knowledge and Experience

    Mr. Goran is not only an Ivy League graduate, but a “thought leader” who is often invited to serve as keynote speaker at top admissions seminars. His multiple publications across the most respected national publications and newspapers attest to his drive to remain at the forefront of the changing world of Ivy League admissions. When not working with clients, he visits campuses of the top universities across the U.S. and worldwide.

  4. Understand the Value of Essays and Writing

    To achieve your admissions goals, you need help from someone who can assist you in distilling your distinct value and achievements into a series of compelling essays. A great “statement of purpose” serves to demonstrate who you are and your potential values as a member of a school community. A standout essay can elevate your chances of admission to the Ivy League and other top-tier universities.Mr. Goran is not simply an award-winning writer, but a great teacher of writing. This translates into an instinct for helping students organize their ideas and express themselves effectively, helping them stand out during the application process.

  5. Bring it All Together with Strategic Planning

    Last, but certainly not least, is the ability to bring knowledge together and deploy it in practice. Mr. Goran has thousands of hours of experience as a mentor who leads students through the complex process of Ivy League and top-tier admissions from beginning to end. That includes setting goals, maximizing the impact of time spent and aligning clients with the most demanding admissions expectations. All of this translates into his students routinely getting into the Ivies and other top colleges.

In order to be competitive in the Ivy League admissions process, a top-level systematic and strategic approach must be employed. Such a tactic can lay the strongest foundation possible for a lifetime of success and service.

When you need the best possible odds of securing admission to your school of choice, be diligent in choosing the mentor who will guide you along the way. IvySelect stands ready to help you on your admissions journey.

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