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The Problem With College Rankings

U.S. News and World Report has dominated the field of college rankings for decades. Initially a weekly news magazine, U.S. News ceased distribution of its print magazine in 2010 and now is an online-only publisher with the exception of their … read more

When Your Dream School is Only One of Several Reach Schools

Reach for the Sky and Give Me All Your Money” was a classic vaudeville routine. The clueless bank teller keeps trying to do both at the same time while the frustrated robber ramps up into full tantrum mode. … read more

Class Rank as a Factor in Admission to an Elite College

Class rank remains a consideration in admissions to top-tier colleges and universities, but has diminished in significance compared to GPA. Each year, fewer high schools calculate class rankings for seniors. It is your high school grades, especially in college prepread more

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Don’t Select Colleges Based on a Magazine’s Rankings

If you’ve been college shopping, then you know that U.S. News & World Report publishes a much-anticipated annual edition that ranks all American colleges and universities. The magazine has been compiling college rankings for years because this enables them to … read more

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A Public Honors College May Be Right for You

Public honors colleges are of relatively recent origin in American higher education.  While a few have been around longer, the majority of honors colleges were founded after 1990. Their purpose is to attract to state university systems some of the … read more

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What’s the Right Number of College Applications?

How many applications should a college-bound student submit?  The answer to this question is easy compared to the next one: Which colleges should you apply to?

Experts advise that you use a proven discipline to guide your selection. This … read more

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Secrets Of The College Campus Visit

It’s summer and you’re out of school. Beyond vacations, internships and academic or extracurricular programs, if you’re a rising senior, at least a week of your summer should be spent visiting college campuses.

If you’re traveling on vacation or … read more