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Firms That Improve Your College Visit Experience

At this time of year, IvySelect’s high school seniors are focused on optimizing their college applications. They’re working with us to write personal statements, develop essays that respond to the prompts of specific schools, and making sure that all components … read more

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The Number of Applications and Your College List

Admission to the most highly selective colleges in America isn’t impossible, but it is improbable. The odds are strongly against you. Admission rates at these institutions range from about 5% to the low teens, and almost all applicants are excellent … read more

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Yes – Even Top-Tier Colleges Play the Rankings Game

After years of preparation, you now find that you’re finally in the market for a college. You want to determine which colleges are right for you because you’ll need to apply to them soon. Naturally, you’ll look for publications to … read more

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Top-Tier Colleges Listed Among the Most Innovative Schools

If applied to the latest U.S. News survey that recognizes America’s most innovative schools, the headline above could be, “Surprising University Ranks First in U.S. News List of Most Innovative Schools”. For the third consecutive year, Arizona State University was … read more

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Top-Tier College Consortia As a Factor in Selection

IvySelect assists you in your quest to gain acceptance to top-tier colleges and universities. Among our most important tasks is to help you select those 12 or 13 schools that best suit your educational goals, preferences, skills, and interests. … read more

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Two College Rankings That Calculate Return on Investment

Those familiar with college rankings resources know that the rankings issue of US News & World Report magazine, published in September of each year, is the most widely read and quoted source of not only rankings but other useful information … read more

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Grade Inflation – Is the Bell Curve Permanent?

Although altruism isn’t completely dead, people are, far more often than not, going to act in their self-interest. The administrators and faculties of colleges are as subject to this behavioral tendency as the rest of us are. This explains the … read more

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Majoring in Business at a Top-Tier University

Management of even the ordinary ebb and flow of business requires disciplined and detailed planning. Professional-level plans are even more critical in the context of a business startup or expansion. So it’s fitting that considering a major in business at … read more

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Parents and College Admissions

Parents beware — the process of admissions of your child to top-tier colleges can be fraught with anxiety. Unless, that is, you’re prepared for the difficulties you’ll encounter as you and your child wend your way through this complex maze.… read more

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Elite Colleges Await Your Decision

The term “yield” in the college admissions field refers to the percentage of admitted students who elect to enroll in a particular college or university after they have been offered admission. It is simply the result obtained by dividing the … read more