Seniors: What You Need to Know About Application Essays

Nothing causes more anxiety among applicants to top-tier colleges than the prospect of writing essays. Anxiety may arise from doubts about being up to the task as a writer, especially if you’re a prospective STEM major, or you may be read more

Don’t Rely Too Much on Student Evaluations

A satirical piece in The Onion, “Professor Deeply Hurt by Student’s Evaluation”, tells a humorous story about a student evaluation. The gist of the joke is that a distinguished, well-published, tenured professor of international renown and “knowledge of 21 modern … read more

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Can You Renege On Your Early Decision Agreement?

Students who have been accepted by a college or university through its Early Decision (ED) process should consider themselves fortunate, and most do. They’ve applied to a school that’s at or near the top of their target list and been … read more

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What’s the Best University in the World?

There can be no categorically correct answer to the question in the title. There’ll never be a definitive standard against which an entity as wide-ranging, complex, and esoteric as a university can be measured. Universities are best valued subjectively, so … read more

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Visit the Libraries at Top-Tier Colleges

The library is a home away from home for many college students. If you ask an admissions officer or a high school guidance counselor about things to do when you visit a college, among the activities that they’ll recommend is … read more

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Firms That Improve Your College Visit Experience

At this time of year, IvySelect’s high school seniors are focused on optimizing their college applications. They’re working with us to write personal statements, develop essays that respond to the prompts of specific schools, and making sure that all components … read more

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AP Courses and Ivy League Admissions

The College Board, the nonprofit educational organization that administers the SAT, initiated the Advanced Placement (AP) program in the middle of the last century. AP classes are college-level courses that are taught in most American high school

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The Common App Essay Prompts for 2017-2018

It’s almost springtime! Good news in most, but not all, respects. If you’re a high school junior, that loud noise you hear is the starting gun signaling the beginning of the long application season for the Class of 2022. And … read more

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Early Admissions Results for Top-Tier Schools

Admissions rates for Ivy League and many other elite schools have been in the single digits or low teens in recent years, so students applying to them search for ways to increase their chances of acceptance. One of the most … read more

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Ivy League Admissions and LinkedIn

A few months ago, we posted about the ways in which you can use social media as a student to attract the attention of the elite schools that you aspire to attend. Ivy League and other top-tier institutions use social … read more