College Fairs for Aspiring Ivy League Students

Should you bother to attend college fairs if you plan to attend an Ivy League or similarly elite top-tier college or university? The answer is yes, but be selective. You should attend fairs and other events conducted by organizations that … read more

The 2017 U.S. News Best Colleges Edition

The 2017 edition of the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Rankings was released earlier this month to the usual media fanfare. Much attention is accorded this annual publication because, as we noted in a recent post, the … read more

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Your Best College Admissions Consultancy

IvySelect has successfully assisted many students in achieving their principal educational goal—admission to an Ivy League or similarly elite institution.

If you aspire to attend a top-tier institution, you’ll need professional expertise to optimize your chances of acceptance. You’re well … read more

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Rising Seniors: Hire a College Admissions Consultant Now

As college admissions consultants specializing in top-tier schools, IvySelect has successfully advised many students in the achievement of their educational goals. We prefer to begin early in a student’s high school career. However, rising seniors who wish to attend an … read more

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Choose Your High School Courses Wisely

It has long been a basic tenet of public policy in the United States that children are to be educated at public or, if preferred by the family, private expense from elementary school through four years of high school. However, … read more

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The Best Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League Admissions

Extracurricular activities are important factors in the admissions decisions of elite colleges. Competition is intense and many applicants are well qualified with excellent grades and test scores. Yet there are so many extracurriculars from which high school students may choose … read more

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Senior Year Advice: Prepare and Set a Strong Schedule before College

As a high school junior planning to attend an elite college, you need to achieve impressive results by taking on an academically challenging schedule in your senior year. If you do it right, senior year will be just as … read more