Plan a Summer that Advances Your College Goals

If you’re a second-semester high school junior, what seemed so distant a couple of years ago will soon be upon you — you’ll be fully engaged in the college application process. You may already have accomplished much of what’s required read more

The Role of Resumes in College Applications

Résumés aren’t always required as part of applications to colleges and universities, but when they are, they can play an important role in the intense competition for admission to top-tier schools. Creating an effective résumé enables you to present your … read more

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Elite Schools Introduce Technology Ethics Courses

Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, NYU and other elite universities have identified a mounting social problem— the exploitation of digital technology for criminal and other base purposes. These institutions are taking the lead in mitigating the extent of the problem through … read more

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Be Sure to Select a Top Consulting Firm

Gaining admission to top-tier colleges and universities is a challenging endeavor. The admissions process requires that you present your best case for acceptance to elite institutions. These are those institutions that, due to their large volumes of well-qualified applicants, can … read more

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Choosing a Major if You’re Heading for Law School

If you’re a high school senior and plan to attend law school after you earn your bachelor’s degree, note that you can major in almost any subject as far as law school admissions committees are concerned, so you have the … read more

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Can You Renege On Your Early Decision Agreement?

Students who have been accepted by a college or university through its Early Decision (ED) process should consider themselves fortunate, and most do. They’ve applied to a school that’s at or near the top of their target list and been … read more

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Picking the Right Major for the Right Reasons

“Follow your passion!” is the conventional wisdom when it comes to choosing a college major and, ultimately, a career. However, many lack a clear awareness of the best major and career path for them in their senior year of high … read more

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The Number of Applications and Your College List

Admission to the most highly selective colleges in America isn’t impossible, but it is improbable. The odds are strongly against you. Admission rates at these institutions range from about 5% to the low teens, and almost all applicants are excellent … read more

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Yes – Even Top-Tier Colleges Play the Rankings Game

After years of preparation, you now find that you’re finally in the market for a college. You want to determine which colleges are right for you because you’ll need to apply to them soon. Naturally, you’ll look for publications to … read more

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Parents and College Admissions

Parents beware — the process of admissions of your child to top-tier colleges can be fraught with anxiety. Unless, that is, you’re prepared for the difficulties you’ll encounter as you and your child wend your way through this complex maze.… read more