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If You Have a Legacy Advantage – Use It!

Last month, most highly selective colleges and universities announced their admissions rates for next fall’s freshman class. Many schools saw their rates decline to record lows, and a number of universities had admissions rates under 10%, including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, … read more

Elite College Acceptance Rates for 2017

There are interesting perspectives on the factors that have contributed to the upsurge in applications to elite institutions. But which theory best explains this phenomenon is less important than the bare fact that there’s been a significant spike in applications … read more

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More Selective Than the Ivy League?

It’s difficult to gain admission to any of the eight Ivy League institutions and it gets even more difficult every year. Last year, the acceptance rates among the Ivies ranged from 5.2% at Harvard to 13.96% at Cornell. However, there … read more

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The Common App Essay Prompts for 2017-2018

It’s almost springtime! Good news in most, but not all, respects. If you’re a high school junior, that loud noise you hear is the starting gun signaling the beginning of the long application season for the Class of 2022. And … read more

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America’s Great Research Universities

American research universities have been the source of many of the defining discoveries of the modern world. A short list includes lasers, the design of the Internet, the Richter scale, magnetic resonance imaging, advances in health care based on stem … read more

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Best Top-Tier Universitites for Engineering

If you, as a high school student, possess the right mix of aptitudes and interests, then consider a degree in engineering from a top-tier school as an excellent way to begin a successful, rewarding career. The starting salaries of engineering … read more

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Superscoring to Optimize Your SAT and ACT Scores

As a college admissions consulting firm that helps students gain admission to top-tier institutions, Ivy Select develops a college admissions strategic plan that is uniquely suited to each individual student.  As part of this plan, we advise our students on … read more

College Fairs for Aspiring Ivy League Students

Should you bother to attend college fairs if you plan to attend an Ivy League or similarly elite top-tier college or university? The answer is yes, but be selective. You should attend fairs and other events conducted by organizations that … read more

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BS/MD Combined Programs

If you aspire to attend an elite university to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and then continue your education in medical school to obtain an MD degree, then a combined BS/MD program may be right for you. These programs also referred … read more

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SAT Subject Tests and Top-Tier College Admissions

The most highly selective colleges and universities review far too many academically outstanding applicants to admit all but a small fraction of them to the freshman class. As a result, most admissions decisions are made on the basis of tiebreakers. … read more