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Rising Seniors: Hire a College Admissions Consultant Now

As college admissions consultants specializing in top-tier schools, IvySelect has successfully advised many students in the achievement of their educational goals. We prefer to begin early in a student’s high school career. However, rising seniors who wish to attend an … read more

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Update on the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success

On this blog, we inform parents and students who are or soon will be engaged in the college admissions process of significant changes to admissions practices and procedures, especially at the most elite institutions. This is to help prepare you … read more

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We Help You Get Admitted to Your Choice of Colleges – Not Just the Ivies

IvySelect counsels students who aspire to attend highly selective and selective colleges and universities. We don’t focus solely on the Ivy League and other ultra-selective institutions. The majority of our students do aim for this type of school, but we’re … read more

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What is the “Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success”?

Imagine an ocean liner full of young passengers cruising toward its annual port-of-call… elite college admissions. A small hole is discovered below the waterline and the good ship is taking on water. She’s not in peril, but attention must be … read more

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Reduce the Stress of the College Admissions Process

Picture the famous painting by Edvard Munch known as “The Scream”. No student should have to go through high school feeling like that guy. Although there’s serious work to be done, high school should also be a time of joy … read more

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Online Courses at Elite Universities Demonstrate Compound Interest

Years ago, comedian Al Franken (now a senator from Minnesota) portrayed a clueless character named Stuart Smalley in a recurring role on Saturday Night Live. Stuart was a power-of-positive-thinking type who, as a motivational coach, did his best to … read more

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The Right Elite College for LGBT+ Students

IvySelect college admissions consultants have assisted many students in the difficult process of gaining admission to Ivy League and other elite institutions. As part of this process, we teach students the art of positive self-presentation to increase the probability that … read more

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Elite Prep Students Should Hire a Private Educational Consultant

Students fortunate enough to graduate from a top-tier Ivy League feeder prep school can still benefit greatly from working with an IvySelect private college counselor. While the direction provided to students by guidance counselors in elite prep schools is … read more

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The Best Extracurricular Activities for Ivy League Admissions

Extracurricular activities are important factors in the admissions decisions of elite colleges. Competition is intense and many applicants are well qualified with excellent grades and test scores. Yet there are so many extracurriculars from which high school students may choose … read more

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Interviews: Their Impact on Admissions Decisions

How not to walk into an interview at your “dream” college — bathed in sweat with an acid stomach, a nervous twitch, and a sense of impending doom. True… there may be a lot riding on this conversation, but you … read more