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We Help You Get Admitted to Your Choice of Colleges – Not Just the Ivies

IvySelect counsels students who aspire to attend highly selective and selective colleges and universities. We don’t focus solely on the Ivy League and other ultra-selective institutions. The majority of our students do aim for this type of school, but we’re equally effective in assisting students whose primary target is a private university like Bucknell, with a 31% admissions rate, or an institution like NYU, with a 35% admission rate.

Families shouldn’t be misled by the name of our consultancy — IvySelect. The admissions processes in the Ivy League and all other highly selective and selective colleges are remarkably similar. However, there are subtle deviations in each school’s process. It’s the awareness of these deviations and the knowledge of how best to satisfy them that makes our services invaluable to applicants.

We help students gain admission to schools that are the equal of the Ivies in terms of selectivity, such as Stanford and MIT, and we also help those whose target schools are a notch or two below these in selectivity. The table below displays a broad sample of the institutions that have admitted our students. These are in addition to all eight Ivy League schools; Yale, Harvard, Brown, Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Penn.

·      Caltech ·      Georgetown
·      Emory ·      Washington University of St. Louis
·      Northwestern ·      University of Chicago
·      Amherst ·      Stanford
·      Duke ·      Kings College – London
·      New York University ·      UCLA
·      Berkeley ·      Michigan
·      University of Virginia ·      North Carolina
·      Williams ·      USC
·      Swarthmore ·      Oxford
·      Claremont-McKenna ·      Johns Hopkins

The majority of our students definitely skew toward the very high end, and they have had great success gaining admission to the Ivy League and other ultra-selective institutions. However, we certainly don’t want to give the impression that students who are not seeking admission to these elite schools are not welcome at IvySelect. We are ready, willing, and able to assist students who are targeting very popular schools that are still very selective.

Occasionally, a family or student doubts that IvySelect will be fully committed to achieving the educational goals of their student if they are not targeting the Ivy League schools. Upon explanation, families understand that this is not the case. For example, we worked with a few recent students in back-to-back years whose top choice was NYU, to which they both applied and were accepted Early Decision.

We worked with another family that was referred to us by the parents of a boy who was admitted to Harvard the previous year. They were worried that we would not pay the same sort of attention to their son, an understandable but unfounded concern. During our engagement, the boy applied to and was accepted by Washington University in St. Louis, a highly selective school.

We have proven that we are also effective in helping students gain admission to highly selective and selective public institutions, including the premiere campuses of the Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, California, New York, and Texas university systems.

IvySelect’s counseling is equally efficacious regardless of target school because, at the start of each engagement, we develop a strategic plan that is ideally suited to the student as a unique individual. It’s based on the personal profile that we develop after discussions with the student about goals, interests, accomplishments, talents, and preferences. The very existence of this detailed plan facilitates progress toward the achievement of the student’s educational goals. If, in proceeding with the initial plan, the student finds that they can do more and wants to target more highly selective schools which are realistic challenges, we help them modify their plan.

IvySelect is instrumental in achieving each student’s goals not only in the strategic planning process but also through other critical tasks like essay development, building a target list, application review, interview preparation, and eliciting effective letters of recommendation. Throughout the engagement, our understanding of the nuances of the admissions practices of institutions at all levels of selectivity is invaluable to students.

IvySelect’s success is a reflection of our ability to help our students to achieve their own success in their education and careers.

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