Seniors: What You Need to Know About Application Essays

Nothing causes more anxiety among applicants to top-tier colleges than the prospect of writing essays. Anxiety may arise from doubts about being up to the task as a writer, especially if you’re a prospective STEM major, or you may be read more

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Use Your Essay to Distinguish Yourself From Others

Before the Class of 2023 application season begins in earnest, you should understand the role that essays play in the assessment of your application byIvy League and other top-tier schools. In a recent article in the New York Times, Janet … read more

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The Common Application Essay Prompts for 2018-2019

How can a college select one student over another if they have identical academic records at similar schools and equally impressive test scores? If this was the only information available for consideration the answer would be… flip a coin! This … read more

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Yale’s New Essay Topics

Most elite colleges and universities require supplemental essays in addition to the essays that are part of the Common App or the application of the Coalition for Access and Affordability. A school’s essay topics may change from time to time … read more

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Writing Essays: Even the Best English Teachers Don’t Get Marketing

I pity the unfortunate high school student who hasn’t had at least one truly extraordinary English teacher. Maybe I see things this way because I’m a liberal arts devotee. To me, an English teacher can change a young person’s life … read more

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How To Write A Great College Application Essay

Nothing inspires more anxiety in the admissions process than college application essays. Questions abound: What are admissions officers looking for in your essays? How will your essays be evaluated? You may also be apprehensive because you feel you’re not … read more