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A Public Honors College May Be Right for You

Public honors colleges are of relatively recent origin in American higher education.  While a few have been around longer, the majority of honors colleges were founded after 1990. Their purpose is to attract to state university systems some of the … read more

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What’s the Right Number of College Applications?

How many applications should a college-bound student submit?  The answer to this question is easy compared to the next one: Which colleges should you apply to?

Experts advise that you use a proven discipline to guide your selection. This … read more

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Top Myths About Educational Consultants

You are applying to the elite colleges of your choice.  Do you look for ways to improve your chances of making this dream come true?  If so, you have probably encountered a few of the prevalent myths about college admissions read more

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Juniors – It’s Time To Start Thinking About College Application Help

They say the early bird catches the worm. But if that worm is an elite college education and that bird is an already overburdened high school junior who’s busy taking AP classes and participating in demanding extracurricular activities, is getting … read more

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The Importance of Summer Activities In the College Application Process

Many factors contribute to your appeal as a potential incoming freshman at an Ivy League or other top-tier college. Some are difficult to manage while others are not.  These include your choice of summer activities during high school. How you … read more

Why Admission to a Top College Is So Difficult

Ivy League and other top-tier colleges have become so selective in admissions that many now accept less than 10 percent of applicants. In fact, some schools receive more than 35,000 applications for about 1,300 incoming freshman spots. Acceptance into the … read more

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Five Ways to Know You’re Working With a Top College Consultant

Entering your university of choice can be a challenging proposition. However, a top college consultant can help his students greatly when it comes to achieving admissions at leading universities, especially within the Ivy League. Before deciding to partner with a … read more

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The Pros and Cons of Applying Early to Ivy League Schools

Last week on the blog, we discussed whether using an early admissions option when applying to an Ivy League school is beneficial. Although many college admissions experts believe that students may have a greater chance of admission when applying through … read more

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Should You Utilize An Early Admissions Option When Applying To An Ivy League School?

With overall admissions rates in the single digits at many top schools, students applying to Ivy League universities and peer institutions seek out every edge that might increases their chances of acceptance to the college of their dreams. One of … read more

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Does Your Admissions Coach Need to be Local?

When it comes to being admitted to the college or university of your choice, the help of a college admissions coach is priceless. There are many misconceptions out there about admissions consultants and how they work with students, though. Most … read more