Should Ivy League Football Take the Next Step?

If you’re an Ivy-bound, high achieving high school student, chances are you’re focused on your academics and service projects and not paying much attention to college sports. But, then again, you might be a student-athlete who dreams of being an … read more

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Sports Are a Tough Admissions Hook for Elite Schools

From pre-school through high school, you’re encouraged to play team sports, and for good reason: exercise is healthy; team interaction improves a student’s social skills; teamwork teaches group dynamics, and so on. When you reach high school, another benefit is … read more

Yale Wins Ivy Gridiron Title – First Since 1980

Yale’s football team has won or shared the Ivy title 15 times since the League’s formation in 1956, but they’ve suffered a championship drought for 37 long years. The Bulldogs ended their dry spell on Saturday,

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Yale Nine Shine in Capturing Ivy League Championship

Baseball: America’s pastoral pastime. It’s the only team game without a clock; the sport where, as Yogi Berra wisely noted, “It ain’t over… ‘til it’s over!”

Ivy League schools have been playing baseball for a century and a half, long … read more

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The First Ivy League Basketball Tournament

Princeton’s basketball team arrived at the inaugural Ivy League tournament understandably resentful that the presidents of the eight institutions had decided, after 60 years, that this was the year to begin holding a postseason tournament. The Tigers had gone a … read more

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Row Your Way to Health, Confidence and the Ivy League

Crew is the oldest intercollegiate sport in the United States, originating in 1852 when Yale challenged Harvard to a rowing competition and the first Harvard-Yale Boat Race was held on the Thames River in New London, Connecticut.  The number of … read more

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The 2017 Ivy League Basketball Tournament

March Madness, the euphemism that has taken hold to describe the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournaments in March of each year, is one of the most popular sporting events in America. Millions of people focus their attention on college … read more

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Using Your Sport as Your Hook

In seeking admission to an Ivy League college as an athlete, you need to be sure that you’re deriving the maximum value from sports as your hook. As we do for students with exceptional academic or artistic talent, IvySelectread more