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Harvard Social Clubs May Lose Right of Association

For many students, membership in a fraternity or sorority is a key element of their college experience. Their social lives as undergraduates are centered on their association with fellow club members. They form intense friendships

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Yale Nine Shine in Capturing Ivy League Championship

Baseball: America’s pastoral pastime. It’s the only team game without a clock; the sport where, as Yogi Berra wisely noted, “It ain’t over… ‘til it’s over!”

Ivy League schools have been playing baseball for a century and a half, long … read more

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Harvard Revokes Ten Class of 2021 Offers for Offensive Online Behavior

Students who aspire to attend Ivy League or other elite colleges should consider the impact of all postings to social media sites. It’s equally important to extend this discipline even after admission, as a number of accepted members of Harvard’s … read more

American Research Universities and the Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel was a Swedish inventor and manufacturer who became wealthy in the late 19th century from his 355 inventions, the most well known of which is dynamite. In his will in 1895, he established a significant endowment and … read more

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The First Ivy League Basketball Tournament

Princeton’s basketball team arrived at the inaugural Ivy League tournament understandably resentful that the presidents of the eight institutions had decided, after 60 years, that this was the year to begin holding a postseason tournament. The Tigers had gone a … read more

Update on the Coalition for Access for 2017-2018

The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success was launched with much fanfare in 2015 by a group of colleges and universities, including a number of the most highly selective institutions, in order to establish a better alternative to the Common … read more

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Cornell University’s New Tech Campus Opens in NYC

Cornell University, an Ivy League School, has a beautiful main campus high above Cayuga’s waters in the upstate New York town of Ithaca. The Cornell School of Law was founded in 1887 and is located adjacent to the main campus. … read more

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The Common App Essay Prompts for 2017-2018

It’s almost springtime! Good news in most, but not all, respects. If you’re a high school junior, that loud noise you hear is the starting gun signaling the beginning of the long application season for the Class of 2022. And … read more

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Update on the “Public Ivy League” Universities

The term “Public Ivy” was introduced by Richard Moll, who was Yale’s Director of Admissions, in his 1985 book Public Ivies: A Guide to America’s Best Public Undergraduate Colleges and Universities. He used the term to refer to public institutions … read more

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Early Admissions Results for Top-Tier Schools

Admissions rates for Ivy League and many other elite schools have been in the single digits or low teens in recent years, so students applying to them search for ways to increase their chances of acceptance. One of the most … read more