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The Problem With College Rankings

U.S. News and World Report has dominated the field of college rankings for decades. Initially a weekly news magazine, U.S. News ceased distribution of its print magazine in 2010 and now is an online-only publisher with the exception of their … read more

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The University of Pennsylvania’s Interdisciplinary Programs

The University of Pennsylvania, one of the eight Ivy League schools, was established according to the belief of its founder, Benjamin Franklin, that students needed a practical education for business, public service, and trade at least as much as they … read more

Supreme Court: Affirmative Action Remains a Factor in Admissions

In several recent posts, we’ve noted that the difference between being granted or denied admission by a top-tier institution is often a subtle distinction, which may be based on “soft factors.” Soft factors include not only those nonacademic parts of … read more

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Changes to the 2016-2017 Common Application

The college application, and the extent to which you are able to present yourself in the best possible light, is the medium through which you will succeed or fail in achieving your educational goals. You should stay apprised of changes … read more

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Update on the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success

On this blog, we inform parents and students who are or soon will be engaged in the college admissions process of significant changes to admissions practices and procedures, especially at the most elite institutions. This is to help prepare you … read more

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Consider Taking a Gap Year Before Starting College

You may have heard the news that Harvard has admitted Malia Obama. The White House press release noted that Malia would be taking a gap year after high school. She won’t be attending as a freshman in the fall of … read more

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Part 2: Elite College Acceptance Rates for 2016

Last week, we presented the Regular Decision (RD), Early Action (EA), and Early Decision (ED) admissions statistics for the eight Ivy League schools and Northwestern, MIT, and Stanford. This week, we present the RD statistics for 25 additional elite and … read more

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Elite College Acceptance Rates for 2016

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni’s satirical piece on March 30th announced that the percentage of applicants admitted to Stanford in 2016 had dropped to its inevitable rate of 0%. He says, “With no one admitted to the class … read more

IvySelect Interviewed On Vox Populi Radio

Just wanted to let everyone know about the radio interview I did today on Sean Astin’s radio show.  He covered the topic of the current state of college admissions.  I answered questions about the college admissions process, developing the read more